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What to see in Hue, Vietnam

What to see in Hue, Vietnam
UPDATED: 31 Mar 2017 297 Views

Hue, Vietnam is always the tourist destination that attracts domestic and foreign tourists because of their rich culture and history and beautiful natural scenery. In addition, and Hue owns the complex of historical monuments recognized by the world. Traveling to Hue, you can go to visit many famous pagodas and popular tourists. This article will suggest what to see in Hue.

Thien Mu pagoda

Thien Mu pagoda has a view overlooking the romantic and peaceful river. Coming to Hue, visitors can book the cruise to go around Perfume River and visit the pagoda for two hours. The pagoda is about 5 kilometers from Hue center city and located on Ha Khe hill, on the left bank of Huong river, Huong Long commune. To reach the pagoda, you just follow Kim Long street.

Thien Mu pagoda Thien Mu pagoda

Huyen Khong pagoda

If setting foot on Hue imperial city, you should not miss the opportunity to come to Huyen Khong Son Thuong to immerse yourself in the mysterious spiritual world. From the south bank of Perfume River, you cross the Trang Tien Bridge, go along the road shaded by flamboyants and follow Kim Long suburban area. You will pass Thien Mu Pagoda, then move along the picturesque pathway to go to Cham mountain, where Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda is situated. Natural beauty together with human care from the gate to the temple campus. This is considered one of the must-see attractions in Hue.

Huyen Khong pagoda Huyen Khong pagoda

Thien Lam pagoda

Thien Lam pagoda, also known as the "standing Buddha - lying Buddha" was built by the monk named Ho Nhan in 1960 with the original shape of a small ravine. Until now, the pagoda is a complex of architectural works such as statues, tombs, Buddhist temples and houses for Buddhist clergy placed in various positions.

Thien Lam pagoda Thien Lam pagoda

Ngu Binh mountain

From ancient times to now, Ngu Binh mountain and Perfume river are the two of Hue’s attractions. These two tourist sites are closely associated with each other. Located on the right bank of Perfume River and 4 kilometers from the south of Hue city center, Ngu Binh mountain, often simply named Ngu Mountain plays an important role in the history of Hue. Ngu mountain brings the natural beauty given by the Creator. Ngu Binh mountain is 103 meters high and in a trapezoidal shape with the flat top. For this reason, another name of Ngu mountain is Bang Son.

Ngu Binh mountain Ngu Binh mountain

Perfume river

Perfume River looks like a soft silk and leads tourists to Vy Da garden with a flower garden and green grass, then move to Thien Mu pagoda to hear the far-away sound of temple bell. After that, you turn to Bach Yen River to reach Huyen Khong to play with cloud and wind and live in the world of sweet flowers and fruits. Besides, you can try being deep in meditation in the ancient space.

Perfume river Perfume river

Bach Ma mountain

Standing on top of Bach Ma Mountain, visitors can admire the splendid panorama of Hai Van pass, Tuy Van mountain, Cau Hai lagoon and the sparkling light of Hue at night.

Bach Ma mountain Bach Ma mountain

Lang Co beach

Lang Co beach is gentle and unspoiled with the smooth white sand beach and the clear blue sea. This beach is voted as the most beautiful bay in the world. Here Lang Co resort is located close to the sea with tranquil scenery, which is suitable for the tourists who desire to leave the urban area.

Lang Co beach Lang Co beach

Hue is an ideal city for those who would like to discover Vietnamese culture. In addition to stunning destinations, Hue has numerous delicious food with the cheap price such as cơm hến (baby basket clams rice), Bún bò Huế (Hue beef rice vermicelli) and Nem lụi (Hue lemongrass skewers).