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5 unique street food in Hoian

5 unique street food in Hoian
UPDATED: 07 Nov 2016 225 Views

Hoian is regarded as the paradise of street food. The reason is that most of the typical dishes here are sold in public places, Hoian’ streets and modest alleys.

Besides luxurious dishes shown in elegant restaurants, street food possesses attractive flavor and gradually become a typical feature of Hoian’s culinary culture. It will be a shortcoming if tourists go to visit Hoi An without trying some street food. With distinctive taste, these foods will bring you the unforgettable experience for your trip.

Mi Quang (Quang noodle)

Quang noodles Quang noodles

Of all of the food, perhaps Mi Quang is the most impressive street food in Hoian. The cooking method of Mi Quang is quite similar to that of Cao Lau (High Floor), except for its color. A tasty bowl of noodles will involve pork, shrimp, chicken, eggs, onions, vegetables, roasted ground nuts, chili and a small amount of sauce. Certainly, this dish will make a deep impression on those who once enjoyed it.


Hoian's barbecue Hoian's barbecue

Only with 5,000 VND, you can eat hot and delicious barbecue meat on a stick. The recipe for barbecue meat of Hoian’s people is a bit different from other places’. The meat is grilled on charcoal stove and wrapped in a thin layer of bánh đa (rice paper wrappers), bánh ướt (pancake wrappers), herbs, star fruit, cucumber and sauce. The food with various types of tastes including sweetness of the sauce, sour of star fruit, unique flavor of grilled meat, spice of peppers, acrid taste of vegetables creates special flavor taste for barbecue in particular and Hoian’s cuisine in general. If desiring to enjoy standard Hoian’s barbecue, you can go to the small restaurant on the sidewalk of Kazik park.

Tao Pho (Douhua)

Tao pho (Douhua) Tao pho (Douhua)

Tao pho is also one of the favorite dishes of travelers from numerous places. Tao pho is made from opaque white soy milk; and then is added with spicy and sweet ginger water; covered with some pieces of white jelly and finally mixed with coconut sauce and sugar water. Tao pho is served as warm in winter and cold with ice in summer.

High floor

Cao Lau in Hoian Cao Lau in Hoian

One of the immensely popular dishes of Hoian is Cao Lầu. Cao Lầu is cooked with the water of the thousand-year-old well named Bá Lễ, the rice used for cooking noodles is soaked in lye water taken from Cham island. You can find out Cao Lầu stalls anywhere in Hoian. The most renown restaurant is named Bà bé, which is located at the head of Tran Phu street. Some other good ones lie at 69 alley Phan Chu Trinh street and the crossroad of Tran Phu and Hoang Dieu street.


banh mi Phuong in Hoian banh mi Phuong in Hoian

Coming to Hoian, foreign tourists are quite excited about the Hoian’s bread. Bread with barbeque pork, pâté, sauce, vegetables and chili sauce is a takeaway food with different price, ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 VND. In Hoian, “bánh mì Phượng” constructs its own brand name and is the most famous site for Hoian’s bread. In addition to “bánh mì Phượng”, tourists will be also satisfied with delicious bread of some following restaurants such as bánh mì Madam at 135 Khanh Tran Cao Van street and bánh mì Bà Lành in Cửa Đại.