Best Dishes In Ho Chi Minh City


It would be a great pity if you go to visit Ho Chi Minh City without enjoying the local dishes here. In fact, Ho Chi Minh City has been regarded as the food paradise in Vietnam for a long time. The article below suggests you the best dishes in Ho Chi Minh City.

Lẩu gà ớt hiểm (Chicken hot pot and bird eye chili)

Lẩu gà ớt hiểm is preferred by many guests because of sweet broth and fresh chicken. In the cold season, you together with your friends and family sit around the chicken pot, shred chicken and dip green vegetables and mushrooms into the hot pot. The chicken can be eaten with rice vermicelli. Besides, the pungent taste of bird eye chili will help you feel more comfortable on cold days in Saigon.

Lẩu gà ớt hiểm

Bánh tráng nướng (Vietnamese pizza)

Despite originating from Dalat, bánh tráng nướng in Saigon still have their own distinctive features, causing many people to fall in love.

Bánh tráng nướng is sold in many places in Saigon. Slices of meat minced with carrots, quail eggs, grease, onion, shacha sauce and a little bit of burning smell from the charcoal are all the factors that make up the exquisite flavor of bánh tráng nướng.

Bánh tráng nướng

Crab soup

Crab soup can be said to be a dish that is pleasant to taste and preferred by almost all the customers at all ages. If you buy Saigon’s crab soup on the sidewalk, the food is usually put in a plastic cup. On the other hand, when the food is served at the restaurant, it is placed in a small bowl.

A section of crab soup including minced meat, crab meat, shrimp and eggs costs from 20,000 to 35,000 VND. You should add a little pepper and green onions to make the dish more delicious.

Crab soup

Frog porridge

In recent years, frog porridge has become a popular dish in Saigon. Frog porridge restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City with different sizes spring up like mushrooms and attract quite a few diners.

This food is a fascinating combination of braised frog and rice porridge.

The frog is usually braised with various tastes including salty, sweet to pungent tastes. The brown color of the dish looks quite eye-catching because it is fully marinated and elaborately processed. The rice porridge has no taste but when it is served with pieces of tasty frog meat and the special sauce, the food carries a distinctive flavor.

Frog porridge

Bánh xèo (Crispy pancakes)

Bánh xèo is fried on the charcoal fire so that it gets hot and crispy. It is certain that you will be bewitched by the pleasant aroma emanating from the pancake.

Pieces of crispy golden pancake can be eaten with a plate of fresh raw vegetables and a cup of tasty sauce mixed with some chili.

Bánh xèo of the Central or the southwestern regions pancakes will be the perfect choice for the cold weather in Saigon.

Bánh xèo

If you are an enthusiast of cuisine and expect to learn more about Vietnamese food, you should not miss the chance to enjoy Saigon’s dishes with characteristic tastes.