Halong Squid Sausage – A specialty of Halong


Quang Ninh province is famous for many delicious dishes from seafood. For those who once came to Halong, Quang Ninh, in addition to fresh seafood dishes, surely they were invited to eat Halong squid sausage by the locals or enjoy this dish in a certain restaurant in Halong. Halong squid sausage is considered one of the specialties in Halong and Quang Ninh as well.

Halong squid sausage

The squid sausage is made of fresh squid. Another special feature of this famous Vietnamese specialty is that the main ingredient for this food is Mai squid. Moreover, Mai squid is required catching in the area of Halong Bay in order to produce the squid sausage with the distinctive sweet taste and fragrant. The squid in the sea of Central and Southern Vietnam is saltier than that in Halong Bay while Halong squid has a sweeter taste. It is possible that this characteristic is what makes the difference between Halong squid sausage and other regions’.

Halong squid sausage

This squid sausage becomes the most delicious when it is served with some sticky rice. In addition, this is a popular dish at the parties in Quang Ninh, Vietnam. The simple reason is that this dish has long been a famous dish and is considered a specialty in Halong in particular and Quang Ninh in general. As a result at various parties, the locals people often invite their guests Halong squid sausage – the best food of their homeland.

Cooking method of Halong squid sausage

According to the local housewives here, the raw material plays a major role in determining the quality and the taste of the squid sausage. The selected squids must have thick shells with tiny dots. This squid sausage is the best if it is pounded by hand in a mortar until the squids get soft and smooth enough so that the crispness will exist. Besides, they will add some pepper and fish sauce to the squids, then knead them into pieces and put them in the pan for golden frying. It seems that the steps to do that are simple, but not everyone can create the real Halong squid sausage.

Halong squid sausage

The dish has to be processed and golden fried so that the diners can realize the special smell and the sweetness of the squid. In particular, when you chew the squid sausage, you will find it crunchy. If the squid is not well pounded or too thoroughly pounded, the people will be fed up with the dish.

Halong squid sausage

That is the reason why the squid sausage is divided into a variety of types such as hand-pounded and ground squid sausage. The price for hand-pounded squid sausage is a bit higher than other types. Today, to meet the needs of visitors for buying squid sausage as gifts, the locals begin to produce nylon-packed and vacuum-packed squid sausage that are quite convenient for travelers to carry.

Taking a trip to Halong and enjoying this dish, you can hardly forget the characteristic taste of this dish. In reality, Halong squid sausage has been honored to be in the list of 10 famous specialties of Vietnam by the Asia Book Records in 2013.