How to Book Cheap Flights in Vietnam

how to book cheap flights in Vietnam
How to book cheap flights in Vietnam

To book cheap flights in Vietnam, you have to collect a range of information. In addition, the persistence and the choice of the right time to book the flight ticket contribute to hunting for cheap flights. With the following travel tips, you can learn how to book cheap flights in Vietnam in the online booking system. Besides, you need to choose the best time to visit Vietnam.

Regularly update promotional programs

First of all, you need to regularly update the promotional information of Vietnamese airlines. Normally, the information about promotional programs will be shown a few days before starting the flight and the time for providing discount tickets is very short. For this reason, to effectively hunt for cheap tickets, you have to quickly get this information.

Vietjet Air's promotional program
Vietjet Air’s promotional program

Each airline has fixed promotions:

  • Jetstar sells cheap tickets every Friday and usually carry out the policy that passengers just buy the single ticket but are still carried when reaching and come back from the destination.
  • Vietjet Air has a golden time program, the promotional time only lasts a few hours a day and is usually the noon or evening.
  • In recent years, Vietnam Airline also provides the promotional programs with very cheap price. However, different from Jetstar and Vietjet, Vietnam Airline only offers promotional tickets at a certain time of the year.

Sit in front of a computer with high-speed internet connection

During the promotional period, the online booking system is always overloaded because a large number of people access the system. Therefore, to hunt for cheap airline tickets, the persistence is one of the most important factors. If you own a computer, smartphone or Ipad with high-speed internet connection, you will be strongly supported.

high-speed Internet connection
high-speed Internet connection

If there are some errors when booking the ticket due to the overloaded number of buyers, you are advised to take steps for booking again and again.

Plan to hunt for flight tickets as soon as possible

If you have a plan for your trip, it is suggested to regularly visit the website to hunt for the tickets at least 03 months before the fight take off. Night airfare is always cheaper than that in the daytime. As a result, you should choose the right time to get cheap flight tickets.

hunt for flight tickets as soon as possiblehunt for flight tickets as soon as possible
Hunt for flight tickets as soon as possible

If you book tickets online for many people but you cannot find out the cheapest airfare, it is recommended to book tickets for each group of two people and choose the lowest fare level on the system.

The promotional ticket is always available all the year round, but the special offer on the flight tickets in the low or peak season is different from each other. In the low season, many airlines conduct the promotional campaigns with very low airfare, sometimes just 10,000 VND ($0.5) and even free tickets.

The low season is usually April and May or from September to November when numerous airlines offer countless discounts together with interesting programs. Therefore, in order to prepare for hunting cheap airline tickets online, it is necessary to prepare the personal information including name, ID and passport number to quickly fill in the form updated in the system.