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Top 5 traditional foods in Vietnam

Top 5 traditional foods in Vietnam
UPDATED: 12 Jan 2017 1848 Views

As usual, delicious meals in Vietnam have cheap prices and are served on folding tables and low plastic chairs in the bustling markets.

Coming to Vietnamese, travelers will be amazed by the sophistication and diversity of Vietnamese cuisine. Every city or even every village has its own specialty bringing the unique regional flavor. In order to enjoy traditional food in Vietnam with the cheapest expense, you should choose traditional markets where dishes are cooked by skillful women who get a lot of experience handed down from generation to generation.

Besides popular Vietnamese dishes such as Phở bò (rice noodles with beef), bánh mì (Vietnamese bread) and chả giò (minced pork sausage), there are many other special foods in Vietnam. This article wants to make a list of five other traditional foods in Vietnam with the price of less than one dollar.

Chè (Sweet gruel)

Chè (Sweet gruel) Chè (Sweet gruel)

Chè is a famous dessert of Vietnamese people and there are many kinds of chè. From types of chè to dessert cakes can be served hot or cold. Common ingredients include beans, sticky rice, fruit, tapioca, lotus seed and even mushroom. It is suggested that Hue and Hanoi are the best places for you to enjoy the food.

Bánh xèo (crispy pancake)

Bánh xèo (crispy pancake) Bánh xèo (crispy pancake)

Bánh xèo is thinly coated in a large pan on a charcoal stove. Ingredients include rice flour diluted with water, shrimp, pork or squid along with mushroom or tuber.

In Saigon, bánh xèo will be subdivided and rolled in lettuces. In Dalat, small cakes are rolled in sheets of rice paper together with vegetables. In Phan Thiet, bánh xèo is dipped in sauce and accompanied with peppermint that owns aromatic and distinctive flavor. You are advised not to miss this cake if traveling to Saigon, Phan Thiet and Dalat.

Bột chiên (Pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake)

Pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake Pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake

This is one of the favorite dishes of Vietnamese students after finishing their class. This food is made from flour or Indian taro steamed on a wide shallow pan; mixed with eggs and green onion. Bột chiên is often served with carrots and pickled papaya. The sauce is from relatively dilute conventions with other common spices. It is noted that this dish is sold everywhere in Saigon.

Bánh hỏi (Soft thin vermicelli noodles)

Bánh hỏi (Soft thin vermicelli noodles) Bánh hỏi (Soft thin vermicelli noodles)

Bánh hỏi is made from rice vermicelli freshly woven into intricate bundles. Bánh hỏi is often accompanied with roast pork or types of meat and other internal organs of pigs. This dish is served with the sauce that is mixed with lemon and sweet peppers.

It is recommended that you should go to Quy Nhon to savor bánh hỏi.

Bánh canh (Rice spaghetti)

Bánh canh (Rice spaghetti) Bánh canh (Rice spaghetti)

The name of bánh canh means that the cake is placed into the soup. This method of cooking this food was created by previous Vietnamese generations long ago. Rice spaghetti is processed from rice flour and wheat flour. A bowl of bánh canh contains other ingredients including pork, fish ball, crab meat, quail eggs, crisply deep-fried swim bladder and mushroom. Bánh canh is also called Vietnam Udon. Phan Thiet is the best choice for you to enjoy this food.