Bánh Bột Lọc

Banh Bot Loc

Bánh Bột Lọc (Rice dumpling cake) is made from tapioca starch (a very fine powder derived from the cassava root), with meat and shrimp stuffing served with sour and sweet sauce. It is said to be one of 30 most delicious steam cakes of the world.

This is the specialty of the central region of Vietnam which is popular in Hue City and Da Nang City. There are two types of Bánh Bột Lọc, the packed with banana leaf (steam) and the bare cake (boil). It is often sold with other types of cakes like bánh bèo (bloating fern-shaped cake), bánh nậm (flat rice flour dumpling from Hue stuffed with minced pork and mushroom), bánh canh (thick noodle), etc.

Banh Bot Loc

The recipe to make bare Bánh Bột Lọc (not packed with banana leaf) is so simple: 200 gr fresh shrimp and 200gr lean and fat meat mixed, simmering them with spices and garlic until they are dry.

The powder is made from tapioca starch. First, the boil water is put into the powder bowl until it is done to a turn of limpid color. The done bowl is let to get cold and being kneaded. Take each ball and roll into balls of finger size and put them into the nylon bag to avoid dry.

Fried the onion leaf takes each ball of powder to place in the flat dish. Pressing the ball by thumb and put in the middle of it a piece of shrimp, a piece of simmering meat. Lastly, fold the two sides of the cake together and pressing up to tight.

To boil the cake, we boil the water and put the cake into them for about 10 minutes until it is limpid. The cake is taken out and soaks into a cold water bowl. Spread the oil and onion to separate each cake.

The sweet and sour sauce is made from a bit garlic, chilli. Take a small bowl and put into it two coffee-spoon of sugar, two spoons of fish sauce (nuoc mam), 10 spoons of water. The pounding chilli and garlic is put into the bowl and put in a spoon of lemon water.

The CNNGo site of CNN vote Bánh Bột Lọc of Vietnam to be one of the 30 most delicious steamed cakes of the world along with the baozi of Shanghai, ravioli of Italian, Manti of Turkey, Pelmeni of Russian, etc. vietnam travel