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Hoi An Lantern Festival

Hoi An Lantern Festival
UPDATED: 29 Apr 2017 47 Views

The lantern festival is a unique feature of Hoi An that draws the attention of visitors and local residents here. The main purpose of the Hoi An lantern festival is to popularize attractive products of Hoi An.

The decoration before the festival

An Hoi bridge is the center of Hoi An lantern festival space where the floating stage on the Hoai River is decorated with lantern-shaped antique parasols that generate light inside the parasols. A big lantern is shaped like a yellow buffalo that symbolizes the year of the Ox.

There are many lanterns in the large size. The smallest one is one meter in width and one meter in length, shimmering around the Hoai river square.

Hoian lantern festival Hoian lantern festival

From An Hoi bridge to the floating stage are colorful strips of silk. 77 lanterns with enough various images of Cau pagoda, full moon town, star, fishing basket, dragon, qilin, turtle and phoenix lie along the sides of the Hoai river square. Hoai River shines brightly shining in the river along with thousands of colored lanterns sluggishly drifting in the night festival.

These artworks were created by well-known lantern artists in Hoi An and amateur agencies, aimed at promoting the unique Hoi An travel products of Hoi An with various topics of sacred objects under the auspices of a tiger, Bridge pagoda (symbol of Hoi An ancient town), đèn kéo quân (the lantern which spins around when a candle is placed inside it), carp lantern, rose lantern and the love to the spring.

Hoi An lantern festival on Hoai river Hoi An lantern festival on Hoai river

From the impressive gate with lanterns hung along the bridge in all sizes and vivid colors running along the two banks of Hoai river. At that time, the local people and tourists were completely satisfied with colored lanterns. Since then, Hoi An decided to hold the Hoi An lantern festival on each Lunar New Year.

Hoi An lantern festival

At 8 p.m, drum rhythm and music resounded together with the national music. The lighting ceremony was conducted solemnly when offering wine to heaven and earth. Three teachers together with their pupils spread the mat and the paper and took a large ink brush to write three words "Xuan, Dang, Hoi" (Spring, Lantern, Festival)and three big letters “Hội, Đèn, Xuân" (Festival, Light, Spring). The lanterns were brought to light the lanterns.

floating lanterns Floating lanterns in Hoi An

The sparkling light of various types of lanterns with all the styles of Asia and Europe mixed together in the flow of the Hoai River say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year.

The floating lantern procession took place on the stage and Hoai river as well. Small boats are decorated like a flower boat carrying lanterns to take part in the contest along the two river banks. On the river, thousands of floating lanterns were drifted, lighting Hoai River.

Lanterns are attached with wishes. Hoi An girls in traditional Vietnamese costume - ao dai stand to form the shape of lotus and hold Hoi An on their hands. An Hoi bridge is the place for flying sky lanterns. Each team of three people goes to the river to fly a lantern.

Fly sky lanterns in Hoi An Fly sky lanterns in Hoi An

Hoi An lantern festival saves quite a few memories of visitors with Hoi An lanterns on New Year's Day. The festival will end on January 14th of Lunar Calendar. The most beautiful and unique lanterns voted by tourists and festival organizers will be announced at the end of the festival.