Moc Chau Organized Fruit Picking Festival 2015

fruit picking festival

Moc Chau Tourism Day 23/5, Moc Chau District People’s Committee held a festival fruits 2nd Moc Chau district – in 2015 at Na Ka Valley, Pa subregional Praise I, Moc Chau farm town. Fruit picking festival this year with the theme “post-Moc Chau Man” is an opportunity to honor the typical plum growers, promote, introduce brand plum post-Moc Chau to numerous guests.

At the fruit picking festival, residents and visitors have been involved in many interesting activities such as: the peoples sports activities, folk games; Exam fruits; introduce competition and learn knowledge about post-Moc Chau plum fruit; Exam camping; works on display, exhibition, logistics plum introduce …

fruit picking festival

The highlight of the festival is the fruit picking guests join the unique activities like eating competition plum, plum harvest and enjoy the garden plum plum at hundreds of hectares wide. These activities have left for visitors to participate in an unforgettable impression.

Moc Chau fruit picking festival in 2015 is an opportunity to honor the typical plum growers. Mr. Hoang Van Khuc – all households have the largest area planted plum Moc Chau district with nearly 8ha shared: “Through the day picking plum post-farmers have the opportunity to introduce and promote the post to a large plum travelers in and out of the province. Therefore, everyone will know the quality and brand of plum post-Moc Chau, contribute to increasing the value of the plant more and increase revenue, improve life for growers plum “.

fruit picking festival

Plum trees are grown in Moc Chau logistics since 1980. To date, Moc Chau into plum-growing regions largest logistics Son La with an area of over 1,200 ha. Moc Chau fruit picking festival contributing to output for plum trees and other agricultural crops, and is one of the important issues to promote tourism activities of Moc Chau, meet stature resorts Moc Chau national calendar in the future.