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Discover Cho Lon - one of the most bustling markets in Saigon

Discover Cho Lon - one of the most bustling markets in Saigon
UPDATED: 16 Jan 2018 732 Views
Cho Lon, also known as Binh Tay Market, is a famous market in Saigon that runs from District 5 to District 6. This place is featured by historical and cultural characteristics. For this reason, Cho Lon draws the attention of many visitors to Ho Chi Minh City. In this article below, we together list some of the typical features of Cho Lon, Saigon.

Establishment of Cho Lon

Cho Lon is one of the oldest markets in Saigon and also home to the majority of the Chinese-Vietnamese people. The market was established due to the demand of exchanging goods and the process of urbanization. After that, the market was renamed Binh Tay market.


The market is constructed in the Western style but it still owns a lot of features of ancient Chinese architecture. The tiled roofs with typical architecture in the Chinatown create the classic beauty in the heart of Saigon.
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Business streets

If the city center is famous for its modern architecture and luxury services, district 5 and district 6 owns one of the most bustling markets throughout the country. Here we can find out a variety of wholesale items at a very low price. With numerous streets such as lantern street (phố lồng đèn), lion head street (phố đầu lân), ornamental fish street (phố cá cảnh), insect street (phố côn trùng), office stationery street (phố bán văn phòng phẩm), people are usually reminded of 36 streets in Hanoi.
Lantern street, Cho Lon 
A new address that was established in 2017 is medicinal herb street (phố thuốc bắc). The street has the name of “thuốc bắc” (medicinal herb) because many kinds of oriental medicine are being sold here. Just going through the Chinatown of Saigon, you can smell the aroma of herbs that are considered a specific characteristic of Cho Lon.
Thuốc Bắc street, Cho Lon
Walking along the three streets of Luong Nhu Hoc, Trieu Quan Phuc and Hai Thuong Lan Ong, tourists can easily see some types of herbs that are good for your health and close to nature in Vietnam.

Good restaurants

District 5, which possesses the long-standing cuisine with a rich and attractive menu, always attracts numerous tourists including international and indigenous people. The food here is mostly made of raw materials containing lots of nutrition and promoting our health. Moreover, in district 5, the beverages such as soft drinks are not as popular as ginseng water or other kinds of water made from different herbs.
Cuisine in Cho Lon

Address and opening time

Address: Binh Tay market, 57A Thap Muoi, Ward 2, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City. The market opens from 2 a.m to 10 p.m and specializes in wholesale business at low prices. When traveling in Saigon, you can come here to buy anything. In addition to sightseeing and shopping, you also witness the exciting life of Hoa people community in Ho Chi Minh City. If you have a demand for shopping and discovering cuisine in Saigon, you should spend time visiting Cho Lon. For more information about tips for Vietnam travel, please contact us.