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Long Son Island Vietnam

Long Son Island Vietnam
UPDATED: 25 May 2017 1524 Views
The name of Long Son is still quite unfamiliar to many people. This place is famous for high-quality oyster farms. Besides, this island is known for its river villages. Traveling here, you can enjoy delicious seafood and breathe the sea wind. It is really a pleasant experience. Long Son has an area of about 92 square kilometers, of which 54 square kilometers covers the mainland and the rest part is salty land. This place was originally a small island. Long Son island commune also owns the natural beauty. The local people here are friendly and hospitable. They mainly live by going out to sea, salt making and breeding seafood.

The stretch of road to Long Son island

Previously, to reach Long Son from Vung Tau, you follow the direction of Highway 51 through Ba Ria. Following the road to Ho Chi Minh City, you will turn to Long Son. But now, there is a shortcut to the island that helps you to save time and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road. Following National Highway 51, you turn left to cross Go Gang bridge, then go straight to the destination.
Vung Tau - Long Son
You can watch the salt fields of Long Son residents, although they are not as majestic as the salt fields in the Central Vietnam, they attract a lot of tourists. The scenery here is quite wild and unique because it almost has not been much influenced by modern architecture. In particular, you can experience salt making here to know more about the hardship of salt makers.
Salt fields - Long Son
If your starting point is Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose the two following directions. The first one is going along Highway 51. The second way is that you go through Thu Thiem, then go to Cat Lai ferry to directly move to Ba Ria. Long Son is about 35km from Ba Ria. For both directions, after leaving the tollbooth on Highway 51, you move a short distance to a crossroad and turn right to Long Son.

Places to visit on Long Son island, Vietnam

When coming to Long Son, you definitely have to visit Nhà Lớn (Great House), also known as Tran Temple. This is a national architectural monument that was recognized in 1991. To get to this place, you cross Ba Nanh bridge, drive to the junction, then turn left and move a distance of 2km. This site is home to a lot of ancient furniture from the North to the South which was collected by Mr. Tran who built the Great House.
Nhà Lớn - Long Son
After visiting the Great House, tourists can go to the houseboat in Ben Da to enjoy the food. Just going distances of about 2 km, you will get to an intersection where a guide board shows that you turn left to the mountain and turn right to Ben Da. Here you can get some fresh air on the river and enjoy fresh and delicious seafood. Long Son is the land of famous seafood, especially oysters. In addition, this place has other seafood such as blood cockle and razor shell. You can have a trip to Long Son and Vung Tau to experience more new things in these two lands. In a few recent years, Long Son has become a new tourist destination. After days of working hard, you can choose Long Son if wanting to take a rest in a place that is not too crowded.