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Russian market, Phnom penh

Russian market, Phnom penh
UPDATED: 16 Nov 2016 135 Views

General introduction of the Russian market

At the center of Phnom Penh, Russian market is one of the favorite destinations of quite a few tourists in the trip to Cambodia.

The name of the market in Khmer language is Tuol Tom Poung. In the 1980s, many Russians who arrived in Phnom Penh for working and living preferred to go shopping at this market and many business activities were operated by Russian people. For this reason, the market was called the Russian market. The market is located in the South of Mao Tse Tung Blvd, Phnom Penh and runs from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Russian market Russian market

It is notable that in these days, the Russian market attracts a significant number of tourists to the capital of Cambodia. This is one of the most famous shopping addresses in Phnom Penh. Here visitors can easily find sale-off souvenir and Psar Tuol Tom Pong (clothes are produced by the locals). The Russian market is not too magnificent; therefore, tourists may be not really impressed by the market at first. However, in reality, this is an ideal shopping destination for those who have a desire for antiques, Buddha head statues, silk clothing, jewelry, gems and old bank notes of previous regimes. The note of Khmer Rouge can be easily identified by its two undamaged sides.

Things to do in the Russian market

Entering the market, you can find out the sheer volume of goods from local cuisine to traditional handicrafts, gems and Chinese textile, Cambodian silk and ancient furniture. As a result, it comes as no surprise to know that tourists, expatriates and locals recognize that the Russian market is truly a trendy shopping paradise in the world.

clothes in Russian market clothes in Russian market

An interesting feature of the Russian market is that this address is a popular shopping site of both locals and tourists. The market is divided into several areas, each of which sells different goods. After a while of sightseeing, it is sure that you will be surprised at the vast space of the market.

For those who are addicted to shopping, the Russian market will certainly give you the sheer delight while walking around numerous stores of clothes and accessories located close together along the market.

Products of Russian market Products of Russian market

For male visitors, departments of  motorcycle spare parts will draw their attention. In fact, the majority of local people usually buy separately types of accessories to assemble into a motorcycle.

Some guides and tips

After taking a stroll around the market, you can provide yourself with more energy by regional delicacies in the midst or outside the market with affordable price. The most ideal way to visit the Russian market is carrying a tourist guidebook so that you can freely explore the market in your own way. Due to the diversity of commodities, it is better for you to visit different stores selling the same products before you buy any products. It is also necessary to make a bargain so that you can buy goods at a reasonable price.

In addition to clothes, food and spare parts for motorcycles; there are still plenty of things for you to discover in the Russian market. It is suggested that visitors should spend between one and two hours to go around this busy market.

The most ideal time to visit the market is in early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hot weather.