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Saigon things to do and see

Saigon things to do and see
UPDATED: 04 Feb 2017 219 Views

Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh city) is one of the most dynamic cities in Vietnam. In the trip to Saigon, you can be involved in various fascinating activities. This article will provide the information to help you learn more about Saigon things to do and see.

Visit historical sites

Palace of Independence Palace of Independence

Coming to Saigon, you should not miss main tourist destinations in Vietnam, especially historical sites. Independence Palace was the headquarters of the former government of Southern Vietnam and a witness to the historical event on April 30, 1975, when the Vietnamese Communist government overthrew the Republic of Vietnam. Lovers of history and modern style will highly appreciate the elegance and the wonderful interior of Independence Palace, from the rooms decorated with silk-covered material and lacquer paintings to the rooms including olive green armchairs designed for the officials under the former regime to have meetings. In addition, there is a maze of secret rooms that were built of concrete. This place is mainly for former officials to work out war strategies and arranged with a series of maps, dial telephone and large radios.

Look at the city from above

To escape from loud sound of vehicles in rush hours, you are advised to climb up the terrace of a bar in the city that is located at the top of the glittering skyscraper where you can admire the attractive scenery of broad avenues and numerous lines of vehicles.

EON Heli Bar EON Heli Bar

EON Heli Bar is located on the 52nd floor of the tallest building in Saigon - Bitexco Financial Tower. Here you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset. Fortunately, the price here is not too expensive with drinks like Basil Gimlet (including gin, Cointreau, fresh basil). The most impressive destination is Chill Sky Bar, where you get chances to witness the process of making delicious cocktails by the bartenders in the bar. Meanwhile, Shri restaurant on the 23rd floor conquers many customers by its impressive style. The restaurant is arranged with tables placed on the terrace and surrounded by frangipani pots and the sound of birds.

Eat at traditional restaurants

Cuc Gach Quan Cuc Gach Quan

The ancient mark of bars is shown through the use of the ancient bowls, plates, shelves full of old novels, music discs and recycled wood tables. Cuc Gach Quan is where you can breathe fresh air, and see the rustic beauty. The architect named Tran Binh opened this restaurant inside an old building of the French to commemorate the homeland of his grandmother. This restaurant is also the great nostalgia for the flavor of Vietnam’s traditional dishes. Ingredients are not fixed and there are 35 kinds of vegetables for you to choose. When arriving here, you should eat the striking rustic dishes such as tofu fried with chili, crisply fried seabass. Cuc Gach Café is also a creative space with a daily menu at a cost of 100,000 Vietnam Dong and delicious fruit smoothies.

Enter the space of heaven

La Fenetre Soleil La Fenetre Soleil

As a popular coffee shop during the day but La Fenetre Soleil turns into a luxurious feast at weekends when live bands and disc jockeys play all kinds of music from electronic dance music to Pop music of Asia in the 1960s. Many young people including artists ranging from 20 to 30 years old are often excited about this romantic atmosphere with large windows, oversized chairs and gold plated mirrors hung on the wall. This is really an ideal space to sip a glass of red wine and dance all the night.