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Sapa Market in Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa Market in Sapa, Vietnam
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The old Sa Pa market at 7B group, Cau May street, Sa Pa town dissolved several years ago. Long time ago, coming to Sapa, visitors spent time visiting this district market. The market used to be held on weekends. A lot of visitors and local people went to Sapa market in Sapa, Vietnam to buy local things and explore the business here.  Today, on all the days of the week, you can see the bustling scene of regional markets Sapa. Phu quoc island explorer, phu quoc island, phu quoc travel

Features of Sapa market

It is said that in the past, Sapa market was very crowded and bustling. The market was held outdoors on a large plot of land. The regional men rode or led a horse while carrying a flintlock over their shoulders and a knife in a bamboo box waist placed above their waist. They take mushroom, wood ear, firewood, rice corn, large bamboo and timber trunk on their back and exchange their products for meat, salt, needle and fabric. When the French arrived, they built a big wooden market with sloping thinly cut fokienia roof that is similar to the roof of H'Mong people. The left corner of the market is the place for tying horses. Down a little is the path to the Cat Cat and the street for Hoa people.
Sapa market
By 1995, the old market was demolished and the new market was built of concrete and had two floors. Although the new market is solid and magnificent, the locals like to walk around the surrounding streets and church gardens to sell goods and chat with each other.

Discovery of Sapa market

Every week, this is the market of Yao people that opened on Saturday evening. In the afternoon, in the street and at the church yard, many women wore the clothes embroidered with numerous gorgeous patterns accompanied by silver necklaces, silver buttons and small coins on the shoulders. More interestingly, after every footstep, the tinkling of the copper tintinnabula on the scarf was produced.
Sapa market, Vietnam
At one corner, a group of boys gathered around a girl. They gave their cassettes to the girl to record the songs of love in ethnic languages. Many tourists felt excited when seeing Yao girls hang their heads and hide their faces with their hands in shame. At the fair, you will have the opportunity to enjoy regional dishes, typical kinds of wine made from glutinous rice, cassava, corn and fresh fruits such as plum, apple and pear and talk with Sapa ethnic minorities.
Sapa market - place for dating
For ethnic women and tourists, the main attraction at Sapa market is the area selling jewelry, dress and brocade cloth. Here you can select a brocade product or an ethnic dress. Quite a few tourists were dazzled by the colorful costume of ethnic people. Sapa, Vietnam attracts visitors because of not only the natural beauty of the mountains, hills, terraced rice fields filled with fog or in the new rice crop but also the unique traditional cultures and brocade outfits in local festivals. The most special point is the periodic fairs where you can learn more about the habits and customs of ethnic people here.