Destinations for Trekking in Vietnam


Fansipan, Hong Linh or Bach Ma mountains are best places to visit in Vietnam and suitable for those have a desire for trekking in Vietnam. For the people who love adventurous travel, trekking is a form of walking for the discovery. They often carry your belongings and come to remote villages or climb mountains and explore forests. With hilly terrain, Vietnam has many beautiful spots for trekking.

Fansipan, Sapa

Fansipan, Sapa is the highest mountain in Vietnam in particular and Indochina in general. The majority of backpackers consider Fansipan to be the target of the trip. The mountain is located at an altitude of 3,143 meters. You can choose to conquer this mountain through three different paths. The easiest route is starting from Tram Ton to the summit and coming back by the same way. The duration of the trip is from 2 to 3 days.

Fansipan, Sapa

With the second way, it will take you about 4 days. The path is 19.5 km long and starts from the backbone of Hoang Lien Son Range. The starting point is also Tram Ton, but when coming back, you follow Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat stream and go along the eastern side of the Hoang Lien Son Range.

The third road is more difficult than the two above-mentioned ones because it starts from Doc Mit, Binh Lu to the summit. This is really a dangerous journey and only professional mountaineers that are provided with full of equipment dare to do that.

A Pa Chai, Dien Bien

Known as the westernmost point of Vietnam, A Pa Chai is located in Xin Thau commune, Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province. This is the special border crossing between Vietnam, Laos and China. The road is not as difficult as Fansipan, but it is no easy to conquer this site.

A Pa Chai, Dien Bien

Conquering this milestone usually occurs during the day. It will take 3-5 hours to climb up and down, which depends on weather conditions. After a long journey through hills or primeval forests, you can see the milestone.

The milestone of A Pa Chai is 1,400 meters above sea level. It is made of granite and has a square pedestal facing three directions. Each face is carved with the name of the country in the Vietnamese scripts and national emblem of each country.

Ham Lon Mountain, Hanoi

Located about 40 km from Hanoi center, Ham Lon Mountain is an ideal destination for trekking at the weekend. Located at an altitude of 462 meters, this place is often chosen to take some practice before making a trek to Fansipan or A Pa Chai.

Ham Lon mountain, Hanoi

As usual, backpackers can follow two roads to conquer the mountain. The first and also the easiest way is to follow a flat trail with a few bushes. It only takes you about 2 hours. The second way is suitable for those who love the adventure. You will spend 4 hours going along the stream.

You should bring with you camping tents to stay overnight on the mountain where you get a chance to watch beautiful scenery at dawn or sunset.