What parks should we go in Ho Chi Minh city?


What theme parks should we go in Ho Chi Minh City? This article will help you to answer this question. The theme parks in Ho Chi Minh City are always fun sites that bring you moments of comfort and happiness together with your family and friends during the holidays.

Dam Sen Water Park

Dam Sen Water Park is located in the heart of the Ho Chi Minh City. Coming to Dam Sen Water Park, you will immediately feel that it is similar to a green oasis. With 30 modern aquatic game devices and a cool wave pool with an area of 3,000 square meters, it promises to be the great space for you to get a lot of interesting feelings. With just one ticket of 100,000 VND, you will get an opportunity to enjoy 30 different games and swim in a wide wave pool.

Dam Sen water park

Suoi Tien Amusement Park

Suoi Tien Amusement Park is located at the Northeastern gateway in Ho Chi Minh City and is renovated with the purpose of combining tourism with the education of culture and history. Not far from the center of the city, Suoi Tien is a good site for local people and tourists from other regions to visit on special holidays or weekends.

Suoi Tien amusement park

From the distance, Suoi Tien becomes impressive due to the image of the Hung King carved on the grandiose artificial mountain. In front of the gate are two large elephant’s tusks. The ticket desk is located at the entrance. Only with about 100,000 VND, you can visit Suoi Tien and comfortably take part in various activities.

Saigon Wonderland

Saigon Wonderland is situated in the new urban of South Saigon, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a joint venture run by three companies including Phu My Hung (Vietnam), Norrice (Taiwan) and Okamoto (Japan) with a total investment of $9,913,464.

Saigon Wonderland

It takes about 15 minutes by motorbike to move from the city center to Saigon Wonderland. For the first phase, Saigon Wonderland was inaugurated on February 14, 1999, and officially opened on April 30, 1999. This park has a capacity of 20,000 visitors. The amusement park includes 16 games, a pool and a dinosaur garden containing more than 25 different species. In addition, Saigon Wonderland also has a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

Funny Land

In the playing area of Funny Land, there are quite a lot of interesting games for children. Children can play with cute Barbie dolls or models for assembling that help the children to promote the brainpower. In addition, you can easily find out the children’s toy market that sells all types of products from Barbie dolls to models for assembling or the world of cars and motorcycles with all the shapes and styles at affordable prices. These toys not only make children feel excited but also practice the children’s creativity and patience.

Funny Land

Dai The Gioi Water Park

Dai The Gioi Water Park is located at No. 100 Ham Tu, Ward 6, District 5. This is an ideal place for people to relax during the weekends. With fresh atmosphere together with the system of modern water slides including tornado slide, floating boat and high-speed race track. All of them bring a strong and adventurous feeling. In addition, you can explore and relax together with your friends and families through some games such as Tarzan swing, Ha Ha river, Sand Castle and Flood myth.

Dai The Gioi water park

In reality, besides the above-mentioned ones, Ho Chi Minh City owns many other theme parks such as Tao Dan, Thao Cam Vien, Dong Dieu, Outlet Unique and Dai The Gioi. All these amusement parks provide you with fascinating activities and outdoor games.