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Top 4 Trekking Spots in Southern Vietnam

Top 4 Trekking Spots in Southern Vietnam
UPDATED: 14 Oct 2017 472 Views
With the magnificent landscape together with difficult terrain and many winding roads, trekking points often bring new experiences to climbers. Vietnam has long been famous for amazing trekking destinations. This article below introduce you top 4 trekking points in Southern Vietnam including Black Virgin Mountain, Chua Chan Mountain, Ba Ra Mountain and Cam Mountain.

Black Virgin Mountain, Tay Ninh

Located 11 kilometers to the northeast, Black Virgin Mountain with the height of 986 meters is the highest mountain in the Southeast Vietnam. From a distance, Black Virgin Mountain looks like a giant cone lying on the plain.
Black Virgin Mountain, Tay Ninh
There are many routes to climb Black Virgin Mountain such as the roads through water pipes, electric poles and pagodas. All of these roads are extremely harsh and challenging. However, after trekking, visitors will enjoy a cool atmosphere or relaxed moments and watch the wild and poetic landscape.

Chua Chan Mountain, Dong Nai province

Located in Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province, Chua Chan mountain with the height of 800 meters above sea level is the second highest mountain in the South. 110 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Chua Chan mountain attracts many tourists to Bao Quang pagoda and a banyan tree with two roots.
Chua Chan mountain
To walk from the mountain foot to the pagoda or the banyan tree with two roots, visitors can go along the stone stairs built by the pagoda. However, the journey to conquer the mountain is really difficult when you have to go through dense clumps of trees, the bamboo hedges and grass plots. If wanting to both visit the pagoda and climb the mountain, you can go from the main gate of Chua Chan mountain resort. You will take nearly 400 stone steps to get to the pagoda. Then, from the pagoda, you will follow the forest trail to reach the top of the mountain.

Ba Ra Mountain, Binh Phuoc

With a height of 723 meters, Ba Ra is the third highest mountain in South Vietnam. Located in Phuoc Long commune, Binh Phuoc province, Ba Ra mountain has a peaceful space, romantic landscape and majestic beauty. From Dong Xoai town, you go along provincial road 741 and cross the center of Phuoc Long town to get to the Ba Ra cable car station. When you get out of the station and move a distance of 500 meters, the road to the mountain opens.
Ba Ra mountain
You can go by motorbike to move to Bang Lang Hill, which is at the height of 150 meters. The stone stairs make up the main road to the mountain on the right side of Bang Lang Hill. The two paths are bamboos knitted together to give people shade. At the top of the mountain, you will enjoy the panoramic view of Thac Mo hydroelectric lake and the poetic scene around the area.

Cam Mountain, An Giang

Cam Mountain is 705 meters high and is a part of the mysterious That Son mountain range. The mountain has beautiful scenery and cool climate. Trekkers are attracted by the mysterious legends of Cam Mountain.
Cam Mountain
From a distance, the road to the mountain is winding and tortuous, which looks like a snake lying across the mountain. Starting your journey in the early morning, you will see low clouds spreading across the vast field. South Vietnam is also home to various destinations for trekking and poetic landscape. Moreover, besides trekking spots, you can have a beach holiday in South Vietnam.