Stellar of the Seas Cruise Halong Bay
Stellar of the Seas Cruise Halong Bay

Tourist destinations in Halong, Quang Ninh

Tourist destinations in Halong, Quang Ninh
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Halong, Quang Ninh was recognized as one of the seven natural wonders of the world by the UNESCO. Halong annually draws the attention of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists due to attractive tourist destinations such as Co To island, Tuan Chau island and Sung Sot cave.

Bai Chay

Bai Chay, Quang Ninh Bai Chay, Quang Ninh It is a pity to come to Halong without visiting Bai Chay. Bai Chay has the length of 6 kilometers with a large artificial beach adjacent to Halong Bay; the sand beach is 500 meters in length and 100 meters in width. Bai Chay is gradually becoming the most beautiful tourist destination in Halong with quite a few beaches villas in the unique and luxurious architecture. In addition, Bai Chay has an area for water puppet shows, traditional music and many interesting activities. Situated adjacent to Ha Long Bay with well-equipped hotels, many restaurants, along the streets and amusement centers, Bai Chay with fresh air and pure blue sea water is an ideal destination on holiday.

Co To Island

Bai Chay, Quang Ninh Bai Chay, Quang Ninh Co To Island is considered one of the most stunning islands in the Gulf of Tonkin; and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Halong. With an area of 47,3 square kilometers; more than 50 small and large islands; pure blue beaches; idyllic natural landscape, Co To island is an ideal for swimming and taking a rest in summer. In Co To island, tourists should spend time in Ben Van Chay with gentle slopes and unspoiled and charming scenery. Hong Van is the cleanest and the most quiet beach in Co To island. The most interesting are seeing the sunrise in the early morning and enjoying specialties here.

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau island Tuan Chau island 2 kilometers from Halong, Tuan Chau has an area of 220 hectares and is the only schist island here. With the long white sand and clear blue water surrounding pine forest and cool climate, it is worth spending your holiday on Tuan Chau island. Moreover, there are a lot of restaurants designed in the distinct style. Coming here, you will have opportunities to taste specialties and take part in many clubs of unique modern performances. In reality, Tuan Chau island has gradually become a pearl island of Halong due to sports activities on the beach, musical fountains and many other services.

Yen Tu mountain

Yen Tu mountain Yen Tu mountain Belonging to the system of tourist areas in Halong, Yen Tu mountain, Uong Bi city, Yen Tu preserves a great number of  historical sites and is known as the "motherland of Buddhism in Vietnam". If walking long Dong pagoda, which is 6000 meters in length, it will take you about 6 hours. Currently, the cable car will help to carry you to Yen Tu mountain.

Cai Bau pagoda

Cai bau pagoda Cai bau pagoda Leaning on the mountain and overlooking the sea, Cai Bau Pagoda (also called Truc Lam Giac Tam Zen Monastery) in Van Don becomes a fascinating destination for tourists. After doing sightseeing a busy Halong, you will experience the completely different space of Cai Bau pagoda which is covered by the peaceful, sacred and fresh atmosphere. Furthermore, you will be invited to enjoy a free vegetarian meal.