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Explore That Luang - the most beautiful Buddhist stupa in Laos

Explore That Luang - the most beautiful Buddhist stupa in Laos
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Traveling to Laos, in addition to visiting the beautiful landscape, tourists desire to visit the pagodas to pray for peace and happiness. That Luang is one of the most beautiful and sacred pagodas in Laos that many tourists come for sightseeing.

Establishment of That Luang

Laos is a peaceful land with the graceful beauty. The visitors to Laos will be surprised by the friendliness and hospitality of the local people here. Particularly, in this country, visitors will marvel at a great number of pagodas and temples, especially That Luang - the largest and most beautiful stupa in Laos. Like some other Southeast Asian countries, Laos owns up to 1400 beautiful and magnificent temples. Here we can realize the importance of Buddhism to the lives of the Lao people through the Buddhist rituals that express the faith of the local people. It can be said that That Luang is the pride and symbol of this lovely country.
That Luang, Vientiane, Laos
Situated on a high-lying and flat land in the east of Vientiane, That Luang is a grandiose temple that has the largest and most beautiful stupa in Laos. This construction was built in the 16th century when the Kingdom of Lan Xang removed the capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. That Luang is really a cultural symbol that represents the creativity of the Lao people.
Pha That Luang, Vientiane
That Luang was first built in 1566 on the ruins of a Khmer temple in the 17th century. Legend has it that a rib of the Buddha were brought from India by missionaries. In the 19th century, the temple was devastated and ruined by the invasion of the Thai. From then until the 30s of the 29th century, the temple was rebuilt by the French. In the original architecture, the temple has a height of 45 meters. In front of That Luang is the statue of King Setthathilath, who was the first person to start the construction. In the past, Luong was surrounded by temples and pagodas. But nowadays, coming here, you will just see the Wat That Luang Neua and Wat That Luang Tai.

Interesting activities in That Luang

As usual, around mid-November, a national festival of Lao people is held. This festival consists of unique rituals and exciting activities. Coming to That Luang, in the scorching sunlight, you will see the whole That Luang emerging as a majestic stupa from a distance. That Luang is designed in the pyramid-like architecture. In addition, lotus buds blossom into the surrounding petals, which makes them look like a lotus house where the Buddha is located in the mysterious Buddha.
That Luang festival
  Outside the tower is located a large campus where visitors can slowly take a stroll and admire the mysterious beauty of That Luang. In this place, they sell the birds trapped in cages and visitors often pay the amount of about 5000 LAK to buy these sparrows, then release them back to the sky. From the viewpoint of the locals, if you release many birds, you will be given a lot of good luck and peace. A pilgrimage to the land of Buddha to watch the temples with arched roofs and sparkling light from gold-plated statues and enjoy the sacred atmosphere. If traveling to Laos, travelers do not miss the opportunity to visit That Luang.