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Cat Cat Village - Sapa, Vietnam

Cat Cat Village - Sapa, Vietnam
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Cat Cat village - Sapa, Vietnam is one of the favorite destinations for tourists when they travel in Sapa. Here they discover the tranquility of the ancient village that was established during the Indochina war. More interestingly, you get more understanding of the life of the H'Mong people. If planning to travel to the northern Vietnam, you should visit Cat Cat village to find interesting things.
Cat Cat village

Geographic location of Cat Cat village, Sapa, Vietnam

Cat Cat village is located in San Tu Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. From the center of Sapa town, you follow the road that direct towards Fansipan Mountain, which is about 3 kilometers from Cat Cat village.

Learn about the life and customs of H‘mong people

Cat Cat village is the residence of the H'mong ethnic group and was formed in the 19th century. In the early twentieth century, the French selected this place as the resort for senior officials. Cat Cat has a beautiful waterfall that is called Catscat in French. The village is named after Cat Cat, which is quite similar to the pronunciation of Catscat.
Cat Cat village, Sapa
The village lies at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and in the valley with three faces of mountains. Nearly 80 households are located along the road with stone-paved stairs in the middle of the village, some others are scattered on the mountain slopes. Moving a distance of a few hundred meters of stairs, you will reach the center of Cat Cat, which is the common point of three streams flowing day and night including Suoi Vang (Golden Stream), Suoi Bac (Silver Stream) and Tien Sa stream together with Cat Cat waterfall. The two suspension bridges of A Lu bridge and Si bridge are situated right next to the waterfall. Every day, this destination attracts a significant number of visitors from other places to go sightseeing and take some photos.
Explore cultures of Cat Cat village
In addition to pristine natural scenery, immense forests and towering mountains, Cat Cat is attractive to tourists due to the diversity of unique traditional cultures of the H’mong ethnic group. Normally, H’mong people build houses leaning on the mountain side. Roofs just stand some tens of meters apart. The houses here has three compartments, three entrances including one main door in the middle and two side doors at the two ends. The main door is often closed and just opened on some special occasions such as Lunar New Year, wedding or funeral. In the house are placed a worship room, a food storehouse, a kitchen, bedrooms and a living room. The rice mortars of the H’mong people are designed in a unique and creative way. Instead of using human power, the locals take advantage of water power in order to produce fine white grains of rice with delicious flavor. The houses are surrounded by dense bamboo hedges and vast terraced fields. Cat Cat village is considered to be a must-see village in Sapa, Vietnam. If you visit this village at the beginning of the year, you will have the opportunity to be involved in Gau Tao festival to pray for the happiness to the local people. Besides, you should spend time enjoying the regional specialties such as smoked meat, corn cake, grass frog with bamboo shoots and chicken blood pudding.