Stellar of the Seas Cruise Halong Bay
Stellar of the Seas Cruise Halong Bay

Wild Soi Sim Island - Halong Bay

Wild Soi Sim Island - Halong Bay
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If beautiful beaches and bustling tourist areas become too familiar to you, so you want to find the wild place with fresh atmosphere, wild Soi Sim island - Halong is an ideal destination. Different from other busy attractions in Halong like Tuan Chau or Bai Chay, Soi Sim island is covered with the peaceful atmosphere.

General introduction about wild Soi Sim island - Halong

Halong Bay is regarded as one of seven natural wonders of the world and receive a great number of domestic and international tourists every year. Meanwhile, Soi Sim island, which is nestled in the west of Halong Bay, is somewhat quieter. Coming to Soi Sim, the first thing that attracts you is the vast, fresh and peaceful space together with fresh air, calm sea, unspoiled beaches and long white sand beaches.
Wild Soi Sim - Halong
Situated in the tourist area of Halong Bay, Vietnam this small island is about 12 km from Bai Chay Bridge and nearly 700 meters from Ti Top Island. Soi Sim island is constituted of rock and Feralit soil after the weathering of rocks. Moreover, brought up by the nutritious Feralit soil, the vegetation here is very lush and rich in species and quantity. In addition, there are many types of flowers and endemic species, which creates a Soi Sim with a great diversity of creatures because this beautiful island is surrounded by the sea.

The journey to explore wild Soi Sim island - Halong

An interesting thing in the journey to explore this pristine island is that you can climb up the top of the island to watch the surrounding landscape. From here, the southeast and northwestern areas of Halong Bay are in your sight.
Soi Sim island
In terms of the name of the island. Soi Sim has been called by the local people for a long time. The explanation for this unique and strange name is that quite a lot rose myrtles are grown on the island. In the right season, rose myrtles are in full bloom on the whole mountain slope. The violet color makes the scenery more poetic and romantic. Taking a stroll around the island, you can enjoy sweet ripe and succulent purple fruits from the rose myrtle trees. Soi Sim is a new tourist destination for many tourists because this island has put into operation for 10 years. Of the islands on the Ha Long Bay, Soi Sim is considered to be the most unspoiled because of suffering from a little human impact. Besides,  the richest vegetation; fresh and tranquil space; clean beach; fine white sand and blue sea considerably contribute to the charming beauty of Soi Sim island. In the trip to Soi Sim, you get the opportunity to lie on the white sand beach and bathe in the cool blue water. Your skin is covered with the warm sunshine. Living in this ideal space, you can completely forget the tiredness of daily life and spend time for relaxation. The blue of the sea and the sky and the green of trees turn Soi Sim into an ink wash painting with wild appearance.
Soi Sim island, Halong
In recent years, Soi Sim island has attracted the attention of quite a few tourists by the fresh air and rich vegetation. In addition to Ti Top, many visitors choose to take a stop on Soi Sim island. If having an occasion to go to Halong, you are recommended to spend time exploring this lovely island.