Best Restaurants In Ho Chi Minh City District 1


District 1 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam is often known for luxury restaurants with expensive prices. However, District 1 still has some nice restaurants that offer tasty dishes at a reasonable cost. This article below will introduce you the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City District 1.

Maxim’s Nam An

Another world opens when you set foot in Maxim’s Nam An where you can listen to melodious pieces of Mozart music and admire majestic ancient French architecture.

First of all, you will be served with Vietnamese dishes in the European style. Some of them are crab soup with garden asparagus and Ben Tre’s bò bóp thấu (beef salad and starfruit).

In addition, the traditional flavor appears in the familiar dishes commonly seen in family meals such as vegetarian fried mixed vegetables, sour soup with snakehead and crab roasted with tamarind.

Maxim’s Nam An

Con Ga Trong

When entering the restaurant, you will realize a typical Khmer cultural style that is shown in every detail and design in combination with the image of the Vietnamese village with bamboos, pineapples and water jars.

Coming to Con Ga Trong, you will approach two main tastes of Khmer people including sourness and spiciness together with several spices like garlic, chili, galangal, citronella and turmeric.

One of the main dishes is grilled chicken. Particularly, the chicken is marinated with a special recipe so that the inside meat is soft and fragrant while the outside part is crispy. The food contains the aroma of lemon, citronella and coriander. The dish will be more delicious when being served with sticky rice. Here there are many kinds of sticky rice including xôi nếp than (steamed black sticky rice), white sticky rice, baby jackfruit sticky rice and sticky rice with pandan leaves.

Con Ga Trong

Monde Bar restaurant & bar

At the Monde Bar, the combination of Asian-European cuisine brings an interesting experience to diners. In particular, the raw materials are imported and carefully selected to offer nutritious dishes to diners such as sauté goose liver with Australian beef. You also can try the salted trotter Monde Home Made, which is an elaborate food because the chefs have to spend a week cooking the dish. The aroma of the stewed pork thighs and the toughness of every piece of meat certainly seduce the customer.

Monde Bar & Restaurant

Fuji Sakura

Located on Ly Tu Trong street, district 1, where there are a great variety of Western-style luxury restaurants, Fuji Sakura is considered to be one of the best Japanese restaurants in District 1. This restaurant brings a unique look with the elegant and sophisticated design.

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in district 1 but diners still choose Fuji Sakura as a focal point for Japanese cuisine. Coming here, you will be impressed by Dashi soup or numerous types of Japanese hot pot accompanied with a range of herbs such as napa cabbage, glebionis coronaria and greater burdock. You can enjoy beautiful jazz music while eating the food. Besides, the restaurant serves a set of hot pot with full of ingredients such as fresh pork, vegetables, mushrooms and clams at a cost of only 248,000 VND.

Fuji Sakura

Ho Chi Minh City is where you can taste a host of dishes from various regions. Hope that with the information above, you can find out a good restaurant to have a meal while traveling to district 1 Ho Chi Minh City. You can refer to where to eat in Ho Chi Minh City district 2.