Cha Ca Thang Long Restaurant, Hanoi, Vietnam


There are not many Vietnamese restaurants of chả cá in Hanoi and the most famous ones are cha ca La Vong, cha ca Thang Long and cha ca Anh Vu. This article will introduce you cha ca Thang Long, which is not less preferred than cha ca La Vong due to the tasty flavor and reasonable price.

Cha ca Thang Long restaurant – traditional and ancient space

Cha ca Thang Long, Duong Thanh Street is one of the finest addresses in Hoan Kiem district with two restaurants including the restaurant located on No.19 and the other one on 2, both of which face each other and overlook the ancient small street. At first sight, it looks like an old guesthouse where the features of Hanoi at the end of the 19th century still have been retained. But when stepping inside, you will realize the spacious, modern and cozy space.

Cha ca Thang Long

The families including three generations sit beside wooden dining tables to listen to their grandparents to explain about the habits and lifestyle the ancient Hanoians and together enjoy traditional Hanoi dishes.

Everyday cha ca Thang Long welcomes countless diners at all ages. The pieces of delicious fish balls is always a great contributor that help to convey the taste of Hanoi cuisine to the diners from various regions despite the changes over time.

Cha Ca Thang Long restaurant – the specialty of the ascending dragon land

In terms of Hanoi cuisine, fish ball is listed among the dishes for noble families in ancient times.

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In reality, different from other Hanoi’s food like rice vermicelli or phở, it is not easy for you to find out fish ball. This is also not the dish for breakfast or eating between meals like bánh đúc (rice flour cake), xôi vò (sticky rice coated with mung beans) and xôi xéo (sticky rice with mung bean and fried shallots). It can be said that Cha ca Thang Long has its own features and distinctive ways of enjoying.

Today, customers can sit in a large house with air conditioning, bright glass window to enjoy the food. The passing of time has no ability to decrease the sweet and greasy taste of cha ca Thang Long that is considered to be the characteristic of the entire northern delta. Customers can realize the lofty mission the chefs here who make a great effort to conserve the soul of Vietnam through every traditional dish.

Cha ca Thang Long restaurant

The restaurant just offers three dishes including cha ca Thang Long, dạ cá xào (fried fish belly)and fish head soup with giant elephant ear. Almost all the diners come here to not only eat the food but also listen to the life pace of Hanoi’s people in the past

The greasy and soft fish balls are dipped in oil bringing a strong smell. In addition, the types of vegetables such as dill and green onion, chilli and sauce make the food more wonderful.

Dạ cá xào (fried fish belly) is not less delicious than cha ca thang long. A bowl of fish head soup with dọc mùng is often eaten with a little rice vermicelli.

To enjoy the best fish ball, fried fish belly, or sour soup, you should choose cold days. Cha Ca Thang Long Duong Thanh is really an ideal address for having a meal with your family and friends.