Where To Eat In Sihanoukville Cambodia


Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Sihanoukville is one of the coastal cities in Cambodia. Cambodian cuisine has long been well-known for its good quality and reasonable price. This article would like to introduce a Cambodian destination with a lot of good dishes, namely, Sihanoukville. Coming here, you can enjoy not only dishes from Asian countries but also the food from a range of Occidental countries such as Italy, France and Russia. Following are where to eat in Sihanoukville Cambodia.

Secret Garden Otres

Secret Garden is a beachfront boutique resort with a bar and a restaurant with superb food. You can order a breakfast served directly to your room. In addition, there are a host of Western and Asian dishes from the menu for you to choose. All the dishes are made from high-quality ingredients, some of which are grown in the garden behind the restaurant. Moreover, Secret Garden offers a good meal together with a breathtaking view of the beach.

Secret Garden Otres

Olive & Olive Mediterranean

The first impression on Olive & Olive Mediterranean is the clearness and elegance along with a view of the bustling street. Besides, when going to Olive & Olive Mediterranean, you will be provided with excellent cuisine and professional service. The restaurant also offers a free flatbread and a variety of typical Mediterranean dishes. In short, Olive & Olive Mediterranean is not a bad choice for a great meal.


Ryoma is a restaurant that specializes in Japanese cuisine. Ryoma creates a relaxed atmosphere with small lanterns and rustic wooden furniture. The food price is affordable. If you want to enjoy delicious Japanese food, this is really an ideal address for you. Do not miss the opportunity to eat Japanese dishes here because there are two Ryoma restaurants in Sihanoukville. You will easily find them at the GoldenLion roundabout and Serendipity Road.

Holy Cow

Despite mainly offering Western dishes, Holy Cow highlights Cambodian features because it is placed in a Khmer building. The food here is usually well prepared and has a pleasant flavor. Holy Cow provides delicious vegetarian dishes, baked bread and many other ones. With simple and artistic decoration, the restaurant is attractive to a large number of customers.

Holy Cow

Five Men Fresh Beer

Five Men Fresh Beer is a beer hall where elaborate Cambodian dishes are available for customers to order.  This restaurant is an enjoyable place to have dinner. The most interesting thing is that the food is accompanied by the fresh beer that is brewed in their own factory. Instead of being fermented for the second time, the beer here is directly poured out of the barrel to serve the customers. It would be a great pity if you miss Five Men Fresh Beer for a memorable meal.

Five Men Fresh Beer 

Sihanoukville is a good choice for your holiday in Cambodia. It is quite easy to move from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. Hope that this article will give you a chance to experience great moments together with a number of unique dishes. In addition, you can visit the website to get more travel information about Cambodia in general and Sihanoukville in particular.