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Beach travel advice in Vietnam

Beach travel advice in Vietnam
UPDATED: 28 Dec 2016 171 Views

If you would like to enjoy sea breezes in hot summer or play with endless green waves on beaches in Vietnam, it is necessary to do good preparation for essential items during the sea trip. This article will bring you useful beach travel advice in Vietnam.

Necessary belongings

To have a good holiday, you are advised to carefully prepare requisites so that you have not to fall into embarrassing situations. In addition, the elaborate preparation is also a way to save money and time. If going on the tour of a tourist company or hire the ship of a specialized unit, you need not prepare rescue equipment such as life buoys or life jackets.

Necessary belongings Necessary belongings

You can drink types of seasick medicine half an hour before the departure accompanied with snacks. Eating seafood can lead to some allergies such as itch and hives; therefore, a few antihistamines are carried.

The basic medical instruments like dressing, bandage, antidiarrheal should be brought with you; and if you have to suffer from a chronic disease, it is suggested to have specific remedies with you. The reason is that the island is separated from the mainland area, so material conditions are not abundant. Swimming glasses, snorkel and flippers should be equipped in case your group intends to organize fishing and diving tours.

seafood allergy seafood allergy

Fast food includes bread, drinks, pastries and fruit. Even if these food are sold on boats, the price is very expensive. Suntan cream is applied on your skin to protect your skin from the sun. Tents, hammocks and thin blankets are required if your destination is deserted and tourist services have not developed.

Tips for you go to the beach

In terms of swimwear, clothing stores sold numerous types of bathing suits with different colors and designs. You can choose a suitable one depending on your hobby and pocket.

You need bring your own towels. The Vietnamese knitwear has good quality and reasonable price.

swimwear swimwear

It is interesting to record memorable moments during your trip; therefore, if owning a camera, you do not hesitate to carry.

Taking types of canned fruit juices will help you save a significant sum of money. There are so many flavors for you to choose. Remember to check the expiry.

Wide brimmed hat and sunglasses are indispensable for keeping your hairs silky and black and protect eyes from the sun.

Wide brimmed hat and sunglasses Wide brimmed hat and sunglasses

Diving into the sea during the day will certainly make your ears feel itchy and wet. For this reason, eyewash and ear cleaner are also important.

You should not wear leather shoes and sports shoes to go to the sea. It is recommended to use a couple of sandals so that you will feel more comfortable.

List of famous beaches in Vietnam

In the Northern Vietnam, there are quite a few beautiful beaches, for example, Cat Ba (Hai Phong), Dong Chau (Thai Binh), Co To (Quang Ninh), Halong Bay (Quang Ninh), Cua Lo (Nghe An), Thien Cam (Ha Tinh), Xuan Thanh (Ha Tinh).

Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Halong Bay, Quang Ninh

In the Southern Vietnam, the number of stunning beaches is quite large. Top beaches in this region include Phu Quoc pearl island, Con Dao island, Vung Tau beach, Mui Ne sand dunes and Nha Trang beach.

The Central Vietnam also owns a number of beaches such as An Bang (Hoian), Cua Dai (Danang), My Khe (Danang), Lang Co (Hue) and Thuan An (Hue).

An Bang beach, Hoian An Bang beach, Hoian Vietnam is a lovely country with a significant number of beautiful landscape, especially picturesque beaches. Hope that the above-mentioned travel advice in Vietnam will strongly support your beach trip.