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Best Things to Buy in Hanoi

Best Things to Buy in Hanoi
UPDATED: 24 Mar 2017 189 Views

When traveling in Hanoi, pottery, ô mai (salted or sugared dry apricot), green rice, lotus tea or silk are often bought as gifts in Vietnam by foreigners before they come home. After the trip, almost all the visitors want to bring back some souvenirs that are the carriers of Hanoi’s beauty. And then, we will suggest you the best things to buy in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Bat Trang pottery Bat Trang pottery

For a long time, Bat Trang pottery village becomes so familiar to Hanoi people but tourists from other regions are quite fond of this place. Here, you not only buy souvenirs made of pottery with very cheap prices, but also learn how to make a unique ceramic product. If you have free time, you can ask the owner to dry or bake your product in the oven to have a real ceramic product and deliver it to the hotel the next day.

Ô mai (salted or sugared dry apricot)

Ô mai is bought the most by foreign tourists in the trip to Hanoi by diverse types of ô mai, delicious taste with reasonable price. Ô mai is dried, so you do not need to much concern about the expiry date. Besides, it is not difficult to follow the storage conditions. A bag of ô mai has a small size; therefore, you can easily bring them with you when getting on the plane.

Ô mai Ô mai

There are many types of ô mai for you to choose. Ô mai is made from apricots and plums grown in the Northwest region; the green dracontomelon that usually appears in the summer in Hanoi or sweet and spicy kumquat that Vietnamese people often enjoy on Lunar New Year.

You can buy ô mai in Hong Lam that has many addresses in Northern cities or Hang Duong street (Gia Thinh store), Hang Da (Van Loi store) or Ly Quoc Su street.

Cốm (Green Rice)

Green Rice is a popular dish in Hanoi in the autumn. Each bean of green rice wrapped in fragrant lotus leaves and served with ripe bananas becomes a part of the childhood memory of many Hanoi people. However, the season of green rice does not last for a long time. In addition, it is quite difficult to buy the green rice with good quality. If not coming to Hanoi in the fall, you still can choose other products processed from green rice such as green rice cake and fried rice.

Cốm (Green Rice) Cốm (Green Rice)

The best green rice is sold at the end of Hang Than street and near the intersection with Yen Phu. There are quite a few famous stores selling green rice cakes to weddings. Although its price is not cheap, the product here has a high quality.

Lotus tea

Lotus tea is considered the most luxurious drink and very selective to about diners. If not being a tea connoisseur, it is hard for you to distinguish between high-grade tea and industrially produced lotus tea.

Lotus tea Lotus tea

The authentic lotus tea, West Lake tea that is processed meticulously is Thai Nguyen type 1 tea. Then, this tea is marinated with lotus rice many times so that the dry tea absorbs the light aroma. In particular, just the lotus planted around West Lake produces the standard fragrance. At first, the tea does not have any unique characteristics. However, when taking a sip of tea, you will feel the essence and special taste of lotus tea.