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When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

When is the best time to visit Vietnam?
UPDATED: 14 Dec 2016 659 Views

When is the best time to visit Vietnam? It is a popular question of travelers who want to explore Vietnam on holidays.

Vietnam stretches over a thousand miles, from the north of Sapa to the south of Mekong Delta. Vietnam has two different types of climate. In particular, the Northern Vietnam has four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter while the tropical climate of the Southern Vietnam only two distinctive seasons including dry and wet seasons.

The climate of the Southern Vietnam

The dry season is from December to April. There are not much rain; the sky is bright and blue. From January to March, heavy showers almost do not attack this region.

If you would like to relax in a resort near the sea, this is the best time to visit Vietnam. If you have a trip on the highlands, Dalat is a good choice because it's pretty cool at this time.

Dalat, Vietnam Dalat, Vietnam

You should carefully consider if you plan to spend your whole time in Ho Chi Minh City.  The reason is that the roads here in the dry season may be quite dusty due to the lack of rain and the environmental pollution.  When going down the road, Vietnamese people often wear the sun protective clothing aimed at protecting the skin from the sun and avoiding the dust from vehicles.

There are not much change in the temperature in the south. The weather is always hot in the lowlands but comfortable and cold in the highlands. The hottest time of year is between March and May. In reality, almost all the local people feel more at ease with the arrival of the wet season in May and June.

The South in wet season The South in wet season

The region has the low temperature from September to December. It can be seen that November to January is the ideal time to travel in the Southern Vietnam. It comes as no surprise to know that this great time is the peak tourist season in Ho Chi Minh City.

The climate in the Northern Vietnam

Different from the South, the Northern Vietnam has four seasons.


Spring in the North Spring in the North

The atmosphere is covered with the color and the flavor of thousands of flowers of the tropical climate. In spring, before the coming of monsoon in May, the weather in Hanoi is often wet with low humidity. If coming to Vietnam at this time, you will get opportunities to admire the blooming flowers.


The Northern Vietnam in summer The Northern Vietnam in summer

Summer in the north is quite hot and humid. It is necessary to bring an umbrella or a raincoat with you all the time.


Hanoi in autumn Hanoi in autumn

The autumn is regarded as the most romantic period of the year. The rainfall and the temperature are rather moderate. You will witness the change in the color of leaves and experience the stunning space. It is certain that autumn is the best time to visit the Northern Vietnam. However, the autumn only lasts a few weeks in mid-September and late October.


Hanoi in winter Hanoi in winter

The weather is quite cold in winter. The temperature in Hanoi is even down to 10°C. You should make the clothing preparation to deal with the cold atmosphere. It is great to experience the winter in Vietnam when gathering around a small fire, enjoying a cup of hot tea or coffee and delicious street food.

Holidays in Vietnam

Tet holiday in Vietnam Tet holiday in Vietnam

If you want to travel in Vietnam during the Lunar New Year or other holidays, it is suggested to book tickets as soon as possible. It is extremely difficult to get a coach or train ticket on the days before Tet holiday.

The hotel price on holidays is even twice as expensive as that on normal days and quite a few stores close. However, famous tourist destinations become crowded with visitors. 

In general, tourists should carefully make a travel plan so that tourists can find out the best time to visit Vietnam and have a good holiday here.