How to get a Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa

This article will show you how to get a Vietnam visa. For foreigners and overseas Vietnamese, they can apply for a visa at the Embassy or the Consulate of Vietnam in their country or at the Vietnamese international airports such as Tan Son Nhat international airport, Noi Bai international airport and Danang international airport.

Vietnam visa
Vietnam visa

The Embassy and the Consulate of Vietnam are official diplomatic missions of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. If wanting to enter Vietnam, you can make the procedure to apply for a visa here.

Documents of the application for entry visa to Vietnam at the Vietnamese embassy or  consulate from abroad

  1. Passports must have at least six months of validity.
  2. Passports are not torn to pieces or faded numbers.
  3. You are required to have an official entry document approved by the Immigration Management Department – the Ministry of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to be allowed to enter Vietnam and receive a visa at the embassy or consulate of Vietnam from abroad. Note that the dispatch need contain the name of the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam from abroad.
Vietnam visa
Vietnam visa

This dispatch will be granted by the Immigration Management Department if receivers are guaranteed by one of the following individuals or organizations: relatives in Vietnam; a company or an organization in Vietnam (due to the purpose of commerce, business, or market research); a travel company for the purpose of traveling in Vietnam.

Note that the dispatch must be sent to the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam from abroad by fax by the Immigration Department – the Ministry of Public Security.

Procedures required to obtain a visa at the Embassy or Consulate

Vietnam visa
Vietnam visa
  1. Showing the passport
  2. Showing the official dispatch (photocopied version printed on A4)
  3. Fill out the form under the guidance of the Embassy or Consulate staff
  4. Pay the fee at the Embassy or Consulate according to regulations. The fee of one-month visa is $25 and that of three-month visa is $50)

Note: At the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam from abroad, foreigners must follow the instructions of the Vietnamese diplomatic missions staff.

Visa exemption

Vietnam visa
Vietnam visa

Foreigners who have the nationalities of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, South Korea, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are exempt from Vietnamese visa on arrival if the time for temporary residence does not exceed 15 days from the date of entry and they meet the following conditions

  1. Have the passport that is valid for at least three months from the date of entry provided by the competent authority of the country
  2. Have roundtrip transportation tickets or go to other countries
  3. Be not on the list of people who are forbidden or not allowed to enter Vietnam.

For those who are given the visa exemption, after entering Vietnam, if they  would like to stay here more than 15 days with legitimate reasons suggested to the Ministry of Public Security (the Immigration Management Department)by Vietnamese agencies, organizations and individuals or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Department, Protocol Department, Department of External Relations), they will be considered to offer the visa and extend the period of temporary residence.

At the airports or the international land border checkpoints, the foreigners who are exempt from visa will make entry procedures at the Cabin for foreigners. During the procedure, foreigners need to follow the specific instructions of management staff at the border checkpoint.