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How much does it cost from Saigon to Mui Ne Cape ?

How much does it cost from Saigon to Mui Ne Cape ?
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Mui Ne is a famous site in the coastal city of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam. This land is attractive to many people due to the breathtaking landscape. Coming to Mui Ne, you can swim in the blue sea, play with white sand and relaxing on romantic sand dunes. Mui Ne brings a wild beauty with the spectacular sunset over the beach and beautiful small houses nestled on the island. It takes only 4 hours to go by train from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne. Different from the bustling atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne is a world of peace and tranquil. Quite a few people wonder how we can move from Saigon to Mui Ne and how much it costs to get from Saigon to Mui Ne. This article will provide you with some knowledge of the journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne.
Travel to Mui Ne

How far is it from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne?

Mui Ne is about 198 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City to the east. With an average distance, the choices of transportation to Mui Ne are quite diversified. You can go by coach or take a train. In case you want to enjoy the air and see the scenery along the road, you can travel by motorcycle.

How to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne

If you choose a coach for your trip, you need to choose one of the high-quality coaches offering the coaches to Phan Thiet. The coaches depart from Mien Dong Bus Station or De Tham Street, District 1. The prices of tickets range from 90,000 VND to 130,000 VND. If just going to Mui Ne, you can catch the buses of Phuong Trang and Sinh Cafe because these two bus companies carry passengers right at Mui Ne, which is very convenient for you to move.
Mien Dong bus station
For the second way, you can take the SPT1 train in the morning and the SPT4 train in the evening at the weekend. Train ticket prices are bought at Saigon station with the price of more than 111,000 VND. Note that when going by train should take a stop at Phan Thiet station instead of Muong Man station. On the train, you can buy the bus ticket to Mui Ne at a cost of 30,000 VND. Traveling by car or private motorbike, you can choose from the following 2 routes: From Ho Chi Minh City, you move to Cat Lai port, and then go to Ba Ria-Vung Tau. After that, you will go through Binh Chau and La Gi before arriving in Mui Ke Ga. When getting to Binh Thuan, you continue to deeply enter Phan Thiet city, then reach Mui Ne. This route has a length of 242 kilometers. The road is quite smooth with a few big cars. Along both sides of the road, you can go sightseeing, especially the picturesque scenery in Mui Ke Ga.
Mui Ke Ga
However, it is necessary to fill up your vehicles with gasoline. The reason is that if your vehicle runs out of gas in the night, it is difficult to find out a petrol station. Furthermore, wild animals also often cross the road. Mui Ne is not far from Ho Chi Minh City. If you desire to seek a beach for relaxation, Mui Ne is really an ideal destination. Besides Mui Ne, there are a lot of beaches near Ho Chi Minh City such as Vung Tau, Tan Thanh, Song Lo and Phuoc Hai.