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How Much Is A Bowl Of Pho In Vietnam?

How Much Is A Bowl Of Pho In Vietnam?
UPDATED: 09 Nov 2017 130 Views
Along with “bánh mì”, “bánh cuốn” and “bún chả”, “phở” is regarded as one of the most famous dishes in Vietnam. So how much is a bowl of pho in Vietnam? Hanoi, Vietnam has a range of restaurants offering “phở” with different prices. However, the following restaurants will certainly make you marvel at their exorbitant prices for a bowl of pho.

Phở gà Châm, Yen Ninh street (“pho” with chicken)

A bowl of “pho” with chicken in Yen Ninh street costs 60,000 VND. But this is just the price of a bowl of normal “pho” with chicken. In case you order “pho” with chicken thighs, wings, eggs and hearts, you have to pay 100,000-150,000 VND  per bowl of “pho”. This restaurant is located on a small sidewalk and always crowded with diners in the rush hour (morning and noon). In addition, the price is quite expensive. Nevertheless, Yen Ninh chicken noodles still stand firm as one of the most worthwhile “pho” restaurants in Hanoi. Many diners said that the price is too high but the restaurant offers the special taste that they cannot find anywhere else. In addition, despite having numerous customers, the owners and other staff are friendly and courteous.
Phở gà Châm, Yên Ninh

Phở gà ta Thìn Béo, Xa Dan street (“pho” with native chicken)

If going through Xa Dan street in the nightfall you will be surprised by a crowd of customers of Thìn Béo restaurant. It can be recognized that pho offered by Thin Beo is quite delicious because of the toughness of the native chicken; the softness of “pho”; limpid noodle soup and eye-catching arrangement of green onions. The average price of a bowl of “pho” here is relatively reasonable, particularly, 40,000 VND per bowl. But coming to Thìn Béo restaurant, customers often order a high-quality bowl of “pho” such as “pho” with chicken thighs, “pho” with thighs and wings and “pho” accompanied by scalded eggs. With such options, a bowl of pho will cost up to 70,000-80,000 VND. If “pho” is served with fried breadsticks and iced tea, customers have to pay about 100,000 VND.
Phở gà ta Thìn Béo

Pho with beef, Gam Cau street

In the list of “pho” restaurants with expensive prices, pho with beef on Gam Cau street is always present. The price of a normal bowl of pho here is about 50,000 VND and 75,000 VND is paid for a special bowl. This restaurant lies close to Hang Giay street and only sells “pho” in the morning. All the eating utensils such as bowls and chopsticks are washed thoroughly. Besides, the beef broth is of good quality. Perhaps not any other restaurants can give you an opportunity to enjoy the bowl of pho with such delicious beef heel muscle (the inside of the beef foreshank).
Phở with beef, Gầm Cầu street

B52 “pho” with beef 

A bowl of “pho” without fried breadsticks has the average price of 70,000 VND; therefore it can be said that B52 is also an expensive restaurant. In reality, compared to other “pho” sidewalk restaurant, B52 gains advantages because of being given an official brand. B52 is well-known for the motto of clean “pho”. This brand is attractive to customers because of familiar tastes. This restaurant specializes in beef “pho” with various options such as bò chín (well-done beef), bò tái (rare beef), beef tendon and fatty brisket. In addition, B52 offers a number of incentives such as free tea, wifi and gifts for customers. This is also regarded as an effective business strategy.
B52 pho with beef
The information above is about some of the expensive restaurants offering high-quality “pho” in Hanoi, Vietnam. Nevertheless, there are quite a few good “pho” restaurants in Vietnam with fair prices for you to choose.