How to Get from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island


Cat Ba is a large island in Haiphong and is regarded as a jewel of Vietnam’s tourism. Every year, in summer, thousands of tourists flock to Cat Ba to enjoy the amazing space with clear blue water, smooth white sand and rich vegetation. Different from Do Son, the water in Cat Ba is pure and cool. From Hanoi to Cat Ba is not a long distance. However, you will be taken by sea. Therefore, it is necessary to have good preparation if you often get seasick. This article will show you how to get from Hanoi to Catba island.

How far is it from Hanoi to Cat Ba?

It is difficult to exactly determine the quantity of the distance between Hanoi and Cat Ba. The reason is that besides traveling by road to Haiphong, you have to go through a long stretch of road by sea. As usual, it takes you about 45 minutes to move to Catba island. If traveling by ferry is not included, the distance from Hanoi to Catba island is about 160 kilometers.

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

The journey from Hanoi to Cat Ba can be divided into two stages:

Stage 1: From Hanoi to Haiphong

You start from the center of Hanoi and go along Vinh Tuy bridge or Thanh Tri bridge because the road is smooth. After passing the Red River, you take the new Highway 5 to Hai Duong. Then, you move additional 40 kilometers to reach Hai Phong.

Stage 2: From Haiphong to Cat Ba

Taking the starting point from the old Highway 5 or Hanoi – Haiphong Expressway, you will get to Hai Phong city center, then turn left to Ve pagoda. When reaching Chua Ve container port crossroads, you have to move more 10 kilometers to the Dinh Vu ferry. Note that you should not take the wrong way to Dinh Vu port.

Here you buy a ticket to Got ferry. After 45 minutes, you get off the ferry and take the road for 30 minutes. After that, you catch the ferry connecting Cat Hai island and Cat Ba island.

Ferry to Cat Ba

30 minutes later, you will reach the other side. Then, you continue to move a distance of 25 kilometers to the tourist area. From this site,  there are two routes for you to choose; the first one is traveling around the island and coastal area and the second choice is going through the primary forest. In reality, both of them will bring you the enjoyable experience.

In addition, another option that is going by bus and speedboat. From Hanoi, you catch Hoang Long bus to go to Haiphong. Hoang Long bus also offers high-speed boats to Cat Ba island. Furthermore, you can choose to take a speedboat in Ben Binh. To reach Ben Binh, you take a bus to Lac Long bridge, then it will take you 5 minutes on foot. You come here to buy a high-speed boat ticket to Cat Ba.

Traveling to Cat Ba

In Cat Ba, you can take part in some activities such as sea bathing, taking a cruise to visit Lan Ha Bay, visiting Monkey Island, walking or biking in the Cat Ba National Park and rowing the boat around the islands.

Hope that the above-mentioned information will help you learn more about how to get from Hanoi to Cat Ba island so that you can choose the right route.