Most Beautiful and Romantic Coffee in Halong


What should we do in the morning in Halong? What is more interesting than having relaxed moments beside a cup of aromatic coffee while watching the scene of the ship in dock and bustling scene of trading in the sea port. So now, this article introduces most beautiful and romantic cafes in Halong where you can look at the sea and observe daily activities of the locals.

Nam Phong Café

Address: No. 7 Cay Thap, Hong Gai ward, Halong city, Quang Ninh province

Nam Phong Café

Nam Phong café owns beautiful space along with classic style, which makes all customers here find it familiar. In addition, when enjoying the coffee in Nam Phong in the morning, customers can hear the sound of waves lapping and enjoy cool breezes from the sea touching the skin. It can be said that Nam Phong café is one of the cafes that have the best view overlooking the sea in Bai Chay. The design of the shop is simple but good-looking. In particular, the decoration of coffee cups has some similarity to Saigon coffee’s style; therefore, Nam Phong cafe is preferred by the visitors from the South. Besides, Nam Phong Café invites some artists to play the piano on demand. For this reason, this café attracts a large number of visitors that come here to enjoy music.

Opal Café

Address: Ngan Hang Hill, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opal Café

Opal Café is located in a favorable position where you can watch the vista of Halong city. This coffee shop has the airy space and is decorated beautifully. Opal Café has 4 floors with a beautiful design and diverse styles that can be suitable for different interests of visitors. If you need an elegant seat for a heart-to-heart talk or a business discussion, you can choose to sit on the second floor. On the other hand, to watch the landscape of Halong Bay, the fourth floor should be selected. If wanting to find out a beautiful café in Halong, Opal Café is one of the addresses that you should consider.

Trung Nguyen Cafe

Address: Royal Park, Halong street, Bai Chay, Halong

Trung Nguyen coffee

Trung Nguyen is a famous coffee brand in Vietnam. This coffee taste is familiar to many Vietnamese people and foreigners as well. Coming to Halong, you also can taste Trung Nguyen coffee. It is a wonderful experience when you enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the beautiful space. Trung Nguyen Café is located in Royal Park, Halong street, Bai Chay. Due to this beautiful location, visitors can admire Ha Long Bay and enjoy cool breezes from the sea. Trung Nguyen Cafe is also a good address for those who have a demand for a café with the elegant space to discuss work or find a quiet place for relaxation.

The above are some of the beautiful coffee shops in Halong. In reality, there are many other cafés here for tourists to choose. Hope that this article will provide useful information for you so that you find the best café when traveling to Halong.