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Mui Ne Travel Guide

Mui Ne Travel Guide
UPDATED: 11 Feb 2017 301 Views

About 183 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City to the east, Phan Thiet is one of the favorite tourist destinations of both domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to Phan Thiet, visitors will admire poetic long golden sand es and stunning es with cool blue sea. Moreover, travelers should not miss the opportunity to enjoy unique delicacies here. The following article will share you with Mui Ne travel guide in order that you will enhance the knowledge of traveling in Vietnam.

Appropriate time for traveling in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne

The sea in Ninh Thuan usually has seaweed and jellyfish in July and August. Therefore, at this time, the sea water is not pure and blue. The best time to visit Mui Ne - Phan Thiet is May when the scenery is the most beautiful during the year.

Places to visit in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet

Mui Ne stream

Mui Ne stream is located on the Route 706 in Mui Ne Ward. The route 706 is also an important trade route connecting to other destinations in Phan Thiet. Mui  Ne stream has a length of about 10 kilometers and is adjacent to two beauty spots named Hon Rom and Hon Ghe.

Mui Ne stream Mui Ne stream

Previously, Mui Ne stream is a small fishing village, but in 2000, this place was planned to become a tourist attraction. Until now, Mui Ne stream still preserves unspoiled beauty with vast mangrove forests covered with blue color. Due to being situated far from the residential area, the here is quite clean with sloping white sand es.

Mui Ne sand dunes

Mui Ne sand dune runs along the route 706 through famous sights such as Mui Ne fishing village, Gold Sand Dunes, Hon Rom, Long Son stream, Hon Nghe and White Sand Dunes. The fascinating attractions in the trip to Mui Ne sand dunes are gold sand dune and white sand dune.

Gold Sand Dunes

Gold Sand Dunes Gold Sand Dunes

When setting foot on gold sand dunes, you will feel that you are getting lost in a desert in the Middle East or Africa. Watching sunrise or sunset on the dunes will be an excellent suggestion for visitors. It is certain that the journey to discover the gold sand dunes will bring you many unforgettable memories.

White Sand Dunes

White Sand Dunes White Sand Dunes

Located about 20 kilometers to the northeast, White Sand Dune is a must-go destination when traveling to Mui Ne. This sand dune is considered the second Sahara desert. The sand here often changes color, from yellow to pure white.

There are three water reservoirs on the white sand dunes including Bau Ong (Gentleman Lake), Bau Ba (Lady Lake) - the largest lake and Bau Xoai (Mango Lake) -  the smallest lake and many small ponds. In particularly, Bau Ba has an area of 70 hectares and now been extended more 500 meters, the average depth of 5 meters and the deepest point is 19 meters in the rainy season. The deepest place of the lake is covered with hundreds of lotus flowers blooming in summer.

Suoi Tien

Suoi Tien, Mui Ne Suoi Tien, Mui Ne

Suoi Tien is a mysterious small stream that is approximately 18 kilometers from Phan Thiet City to the east. Suoi Tien runs along white and red sand dunes. On the opposite side are rows of coconut trees and bushes and luxuriant brushwood.

The stream is like a lovely fairy bending her body beside colorful sand dunes, which creates magical natural scenery. Suoi Tien will be an attractive destination for those who love adventure and desire to explore mysterious features. You can walk barefoot on the stream to feel smooth grains of sand and enjoy peaceful and romantic space.

Mui Ne fishing village

Mui Ne fishing village Mui Ne fishing village

Mui Ne fishing village is about 3 kilometers from Mui Ne town to the north. The harbor here is crowded with boats from day until night. At a distance is a small market with full of color surrounded by shady coconut trees. It is interesting you to experience the daily life of fishermen, go shopping and enjoy fresh seafood. The best time for the trip to Mui Ne fishing village is in early morning or late afternoon.

Ke Ga Lighthouse

Ke Ga lighthouse Ke Ga lighthouse

Ke Ga lighthouse is 30 kilometers from the center of Phan Thiet city along the coastline toward the south. Ke Ga lighthouse has long been famous for the beautiful landscape and colorful jagged rocks. Ke Ga Lighthouse was built by French engineer called Chnavat in 1897. This lighthouse is ranked one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Southeast Asia.

Ke Ga lighthouse owns many characteristics of Western classical architecture. This is the work of art that is made of granite. It is the unique architecture that turns Ke Ga lighthouse into an attractive destination for tourists at home and from abroad.

Specialties in Mui Ne

Grilled butterfly lizards

Grilled butterfly lizards Grilled butterfly lizards

To cook this dish, it is necessary to choose fat and mature butterfly lizards because the meat of small butterfly lizards is not tough. After the preliminary treatment by mixing butterfly lizards with spices for 30 minutes, the meat will be baked on the charcoal stove. This food can be served with grilled rice paper wrappers, leaf vegetables and rice vermicelli.

Soft thin vermicelli noodles with black puddings

Soft thin vermicelli noodles with black puddings Soft thin vermicelli noodles with black puddings

The most famous restaurant of soft thin vermicelli noodles is Phu Long that is 6 kilometers from Phan Thiet City. This is the popular dish for breakfast in Phan Thiet.

Căn cake

Căn cake, Mui Ne Căn cake, Mui Ne

This is one of the idyllic snacks in Phan Thiet for a long time. This cake does not consist of the filling of shrimp or meat and only includes flour and eggs. As usual, this cake is served with shumai, braised fish, pork skin, mango and sauce. The most famous cake stall is by Ms. Nguyet. This food stall is quite clean and spacious with good service.

Răng mực (Squid teeth)

Răng mực (Squid teeth) Răng mực (Squid teeth)

Squid teeth is a familiar snack of the people in Phan Thiet. Here you can enjoy many delicious dishes processed from squid teeth such as steamed squid teeth,  squid teeth fried five-spice powder, baked squid teeth and fried squid teeth. It is recommended that you should enjoy this dish at the restaurant located on Le Hong Phong Street.

If you are a nature lover and excited about discovering natural landscape, Mui Ne is a good choice for you. Besides Mui Ne, there are quite a few tourist destinations in Vietnam, especially es and islands such as Vung Tau and Phu Quoc.