Must-do Things While You Are in Hoi An


With ancient roofs and sparkling lanterns, Hoi An is always attractive to almost all the people who once came here. There are quite a few special things to do in Hoi An. After that, the article will reveal some must-do things while you are in Hoi An. In other words, it would be a pity if you visited Hoi An without doing them.

Drink coffee and watch the scenery along Hoai River in early morning

In the early morning, Hoi An Ancient Town becomes tranquil; therefore, choosing a location in a riverside café to watch the pace of life of Hoi An, you will realize many special things about Hoi An Ancient Town when it is not busy with travelers, sellers and buyers.

Hoai river, Hoi An

Go through the alleys

If you have a good memory for ways, you can keep all the main streets in Hoi An in your mind. However, you should not miss the alleys that are wide enough for two people to move and lead to the streets or the banks of Hoai river. Taking a stroll through the alleys; stopping at a street vendor or standing to see the children playing in the alleys, you will completely feel the peaceful beauty of Hoi An Ancient Town.

Alleys in Hoi An

Bring a camera up and ride a cycle

With a cycle, you will be taken to numerous places in Hoi An. In addition to Hoi An Ancient Town, you can go to Cua Dai beach and visit Tra Que vegetable village. It is very simple to rent a bike in Hoi An. You only spend a small amount of tens of thousands per day and the locals will show you good places. As a result, the bike will bring you new experiences in Hoi An.

Enjoy Cao Lau (High Floor)

For breakfast, you can visit any street vendor or enter Thai Phien street and Hoi An market to take a bowl of “Cao Lau”. A big bowl of “Cao Lau” consists of the scalded noodles and a few bean sprouts. Besides, the fragrant herbs of Tra Que village are the essential ingredients. The supplement of thin slices of char siu, crisply fried pork skin, some fragrant herbs and green peppers, you can discover the culinary essence of Hoi An.

Cao Lau in Hoi An

Walk along the streets when Hoi An lights up

Obviously, Hoi An becomes the most beautiful when it is covered with the shimmering light. Taking a stroll in the space of gentle light, you will see the shadows of pedestrians falling on the streets, and hear some bells ringing of foreigners that are not familiar with Hoi An streets. The image of Hoi An is really vivid under the street lighting.

Drop colored lanterns on Hoai river on the full moon

You choose to buy some beautiful paper lanterns; then step down a small boat and gently drop Hoi An lanterns on the Hoai river. As a result, the river along Hoi An Ancient Town will become sparkling, which is an unforgettable image for all the tourists to Hoi An.

Colored lanterns on Hoai river

Buy lanterns as gifts

You do not hesitate to visit the souvenir shops in the Hoi An Ancient Town or at the night market and witness the clever women who are making lanterns. You also can buy some pretty lanterns as gifts for friends.

If coming to Hoi An, you should not miss the opportunity to experience the things above. Hope that this article can support you during the trip to Hoi An. We will provide you with more information about traveling in Vietnam.