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North Vietnam Travel Guide in the Winter

North Vietnam Travel Guide in the Winter
UPDATED: 15 Apr 2017 96 Views

The prolonged winter in the northern Vietnam makes many people hesitant to start their exploration. But in fact, in this season, there’s a variety of beautiful landscape in the northern mountainous provinces. In Moc Chau, white cauliflower blooms throughout the hills. In Ha Giang and Sapa, peach and plum flowers begin to blossom out. Having the careful preparation, you will be completely able to deal with the bitterly cold weather here. To get more travel knowledge of the winter of North Vietnam and experience the flower season in the Northern mountain areas, please consider the following North Vietnam travel guide.

Choice of transportation

Means of transportation is one of the most important things when traveling. To reach the mountainous region in the north, you can travel by three types of vehicles including cars, trains and motorcycles. Of these means, the motorbike is preferred by young people who love to enjoying the street view while driving the vehicle. However, in the cold weather of the winter, foggy, ice and snow may become the barrier to controlling the motorbike on the pass.

The train to Sapa The train to Sapa

Cars or trains are better choices. However, if you intend to travel on Tet holiday, it is suggested to buy a train ticket early because the tickets to Sapa and Bac Ha are usually fully booked.


Clothing is the most important factor when traveling in the cold season. It is not necessary to pay much attention to the fashionable style when you prepare to go to the place where the fog and the ice may even hide your vision. Instead, you are advised to prepare the thick coats such as feather coat, sweater, gloves, hats, scarfs and socks which are indispensable accessories in the journey to discover North Vietnam in cold weather.

Clothing in the winter Clothing in the winter

In addition, you need to bring raincoats and shoes with damp-proof. The reason is that the dense fog can cause drizzles that dampen your clothes, making your body colder. Besides, you should choose the shoes having good grip and rainproof layer, especially in case you are going to climb the mountain. High heels or dolly shoes are not suitable for the mountain trip because they have no ability to keep your feet warm and can easily make you slip and fall. Gloves are also an essential accessory.

Personal belongings

To explore majestic forest and mountain, you just carry lightweight luggage with essential items. First of all, a bottle of medicated oil is one of the most important things to keep you not catching a cold. It is also recommended to have a thermos bottle so that you can drink hot water everywhere during the journey.

Personal belongings Personal belongings

In mountainous areas, hospitals and clinics are often far away from residences and it is not easy to find out them. Therefore, you should bring a medicine bag including cold medicine, antibiotics, vitamins and antidiarrhea and dressing for emergencies.

Some travel groups are not willing to spend their nights in the hotel or can not find the resting room. For this reason, they bring specialized travel tents and sleeping bags.

Hope that with the above-mentioned travel tips, you will have a great trip to the North Vietnam to admire the stunning landscape and learn more about regional cultures. To make your trip more favorable, you should refer to the best time to visit Vietnam.