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The Best Nightlife in Hue

The Best Nightlife in Hue
UPDATED: 26 Jan 2018 656 Views
Hue, an ancient city with majestic tombs and temples together with poetic scenic landscape becomes so familiar to tourists. Therefore, for the next trip to Hue, to get a new experience in Hue, Vietnam, you can try setting foot down the streets to explore Hue at night. So how does the best nightlife in Hue occur? In fact, there are quite a few activities for you to be involved in.

Walk along bustling night streets

The night streets in Hue create a vibrant atmosphere, giving visitors more options when exploring the ancient capital. Of these streets, Nguyen Dinh Chieu is seen as the most attractive street. There are many souvenir items sold here such as pictures, calligraphy and jewelry. Walking through the street,  you can watch Perfume River at night and choose some products as gifts.
Nguyen Dinh Chieu street
Besides, you have an opportunity to live in the bustling atmosphere of the food streets including Han Thuyen and Mai Thuc Loan street. In particular, you should take a stroll in Pham Ngu Lao, the street for foreigners, to have fun and go shopping at night. This street offers a wide range of travel services, bars, tea rooms and nightclubs.

Listen to Hue-style music on Perfume river

This is a unique cultural art form that is the intersection between royal court music and folk singing. Over the past 200 years of existence and development, Hue music has become a typical product of Hue and is considered the spiritual food of the local people. Hue-style music is usually performed on dragon boats floating on the Perfume River, just under the Trang Tien Bridge with brilliant lights. The velvety chanties and Nam Ai - Nam Binh songs are performed by Hue girls in “ao dai” and accompanied by folk instruments such as đàn bầu, đàn nguyệt, đàn tranh and flute. In addition, after enjoying Hue singing, you can drop flower garlands and colored lanterns on the Perfume River to pray for good luck.
Hue-style music on Perfume river

Enjoy Trang Tien bridge

Crossing the Perfume River, Trang Tien, which was built 100 years ago, is regarded as the most beautiful bridge in Hue. If taking a tour to Hue, you should not miss the chance to enjoy this romantic bridge. For a long time, Trang Tien bridge has become a symbol of the ancient capital. On weekends, when the night falls, Trang Tien bridge becomes sparkling. Colorful lights are turned on and the colors are changed from silver to blue, yellow and violet. This unique factor makes a strong impression on tourists. Almost all the tourists desire to set their foot on this bridge at night.
Trang Tien bridge

Enjoy Hue’s cuisine

The cuisine here is associated with the familiar dishes such as bánh bèo (rice pancake), bánh bột lọc (clear-looking tapioca dumpling), bánh nậm (rectangular dumpling), bánh khoái, beef noodle (bún bò) and mussel noodle (bún hến). If you want to eat sweet porridge, it is suggested to go to “Chè Hẻm”, a famous food stall in Hue. This place sells many kinds of sweet porridge. The most delicious food here is chè bột lọc học heo quay (sweet porridge and roasted pork wrapped in tapioca pearls). If you love cake dishes, you can visit cake shops on Vo Thi Sau street or enjoy bánh canh (thick Vietnamese noodle) on Han Thuyen street.
Hue's food
Hue is home to many other interesting things to explore. Please come to Hue to experience the exciting nightlife. This is definitely a great option for a perfect holiday together with your family and friends.