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Things to do in Hanoi at night

Things to do in Hanoi at night
UPDATED: 02 Mar 2017 210 Views
The capital of Hanoi with the ancient and romantic beauty is always a tourist attraction. Coming here, you get the opportunities to take part in interesting activities not only in the daytime but also in the night. If you travel to Vietnam's capital and wonder about things to do in Hanoi at night, it is suggested for you to consider the following list of best places to visit in Hanoi.

Walk around Sword Lake - Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake Hoan Kiem Lake One of the most attractive destinations in Hanoi for couples and tourists is Sword Lake - Hoan Kiem Lake located in the heart of the capital. When the night falls, Hoan Kiem lake becomes sparkling with full of colors. This is also the first pedestrian street in Hanoi where you can comfortably take a stroll along the street without worrying about other transportations. An interesting point is that Hoan Kiem Lake has not only stunning landscape but also delicious food around the lake. You can go to Trang Tien ice-cream shop to enjoy the most delicious ice cream in Hanoi or walk through Hanoi streets to have a good nosh.

Take a trip to Dong Xuan night market

Dong Xuan night market Dong Xuan night market Not far from Hoan Kiem Lake is Dong Xuan night market that is busy with all kinds of clothes with different qualities and prices. Dong Xuan market mainly sell wholesale but if you like to buy retail, they supply you with products. However, retail and wholesale prices vary quite a lot. In addition to shopping, you should not miss the food at the Dong Xuan night market because the food is quite good and cheap. Some dishes for you to enjoy include chè (sweet porridge), phở (noodles), bún ốc (rice vermicelli with snails), bún chả (rice vermicelli with grilled pork), congee and nộm (Vietnamese salad).

Visit West Lake

West Lake West Lake West Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Hanoi with an area of about 500 hectares. If walking around the lake, you will have to go through the long road of 17 kilometers. As the night falls, tourists and local people go to West Lake to get some fresh air, relax and drink iced tea. West Lake has a wide area, so it is quite easy for you to find out the private space. Around West Lake are numerous food stalls and cafes to serve visitors. If having an occasion to come here, you are advised to choose West Lake ice cream shop and West Lake shrimp cake restaurant on the Thanh Nien street.

Travel to Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge Long Bien Bridge We want to introduce you the next ideal destination for a night in Hanoi - Long Bien bridge. Long Bien bridge has had a strong attachment to the Hanoi people for over 100 years. Due to experiencing many rises and falls of history, the bridge is now not as beautiful as before. Every evening, Long Bien bridge is crowded with the people taking a stroll or exercises. However, the most interesting is sitting on the bridge to enjoy a cup of iced tea, baked potatoes or grilled corn.

Admire the scenery at Nhat Tan Bridge

Nhat Tan Bridge Nhat Tan Bridge Nhat Tan bridge, the connection between Noi Bai airport and the Hanoi city center, was put into use in 2015. Nhat Tan bridge not only has a great contribution to the circulation of goods but also is a fascinating place for young people in the evening. If you would like to take photos at Nhat Tan bridge or admire the Red River at night, you have to leave your vehicles at the footbridge and then walk up the bridge because means of transport are not allowed to stop on the bridge.  Nhat Tan bridge is usually lit by bright lights on weekends or holidays. If you intend to visit Hanoi in coming time, it is recommended that you should spend your night in these sites. It is believed that you will get great moments when living in these ideal space.