Tips for Tourists when Booking a Cruise Tour in Halong bay


In some recent years, with the rapid development of overnight services in Halong Bay, Vietnam, the competition between cruise ships for overnight cruise tours has been increasing. Therefore, this article would like to share some tips for tourists when booking a cruise tour in Halong Bay.

Choices of cruise ships

Now, in Halong, there are hundreds of ships offering night services on the bay accompanied by a lot of different service styles.

5-star cruise ships:

This is the most luxurious type of cruise ship in Halong and its price is not cheap. But normally, taking a cruise ship in winter is much more expensive than that in summer. Some 5-star cruise ships on Halong Bay are Paradise Luxury, Au Co, Star Light and Victoria Star.

Paradise Luxury

4-star cruise ships:

Syrena, Emeraude, Paloma, Emotion, Bhaya, Dragon Pearl and Calypso are typical examples for 4-star cruise ship on Halong Bay. Similar to 5-star cruise ships,  the price in winter is higher than in summer.

Paloma Cruiser 

3-star cruise ship

This type of ship is exploited the most. Following are the names of the prestigious cruise ships with the best quality: V’spirit, Oriental Sails, Huong Hai, Phoenix, Golden Lotus Garden and Aclass. If taking a cruise in summer, you will get the cheaper price than in winter.

Phoenix Cruiser 

Choices of itinerary

You should choose the itinerary including your favorite destinations in Halong instead of the itinerary with cheap prices. Following are some Halong itineraries for reference:

Bai Tu Long Bay
  • For the itinerary of Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong, you can refer to luxury ships such as Indochina Junks, Syrena and Emeraude.
  • To take a Halong Bay tour, you can choose from a lot of cruise ships such as Au Co, Star Light, Emotion, V’spirt, Oriental Sails, Huong Hai, Poem, Golden Lotus Garden and Garden bay.
  • If wanting to visit Bai Tu Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay, you have to register to follow the itinerary of 3 days/2 nights. However, this itinerary costs twice as high as the journey of two days.

Choices of cabins

You can choose from a variety of cabins including cabins without windows, cabin overlooking the sea or suites with a private balcony. Each kind of cabin has different equipment and prices.

Choices of cabins
  • Traveling with children, it is suggested to take the ship or cabin without a private balcony to ensure the safety. In addition, you should select the cabin far from the engineering room so that the noise will not trouble you.
  • If you are seasick you should choose cabins on the low floor or in the middle of the ship to minimize vibration.
  • For couples, it is recommended to stay in a room with a private balcony to enjoy romantic moments while watching the sunset and sunrise. Chrysanthemum, Victoria Star and Paradise are the cruise ships with a private balcony. In addition, some luxury rooms of 3 to 4-star cruise ships also include a balcony.

Taking a cruise is the best way to immensely enjoy Halong Bay. Hope that the provided information will help you to book the best Halong cruise tour to have a fascinating trip.