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Travel By Train In Vietnam

Travel By Train In Vietnam
UPDATED: 05 Dec 2017 664 Views
If you have a trip to Vietnam and wonder about choosing between a sleeper bus and a train, it is better to select to travel by train in Vietnam. This transport is the safest and the most comfortable way to travel. The trains have been upgraded and offered numerous facilities and services. Therefore, nowadays, traveling by train is also preferred by young people and families. However, to travel by train, you have to note following things:
Travel in Vietnam by train


You should buy tickets as soon as possible if you decide to travel by Vietnam train. A coach has from 4 to 6 beds. If traveling in a small group, you can occupy the whole coach for private space. With this kind of transport, you can have fun moments and don’t need to worry about the safety. Besides, your luggage is stored in a separate carriage.


  • Choose a seat near the window: You can ask the ticket sale to know about the seats located next to the window. However, a disadvantage of sitting close to the window is that in some places, scoundrel throw stones in the train. Note that when the train goes through these places, you should close the door or prepare defensive measures.
  • For a normal carriage (a 6-bed room): You should choose the bed 1 or 3, which lies on the ground or on the top. If choosing the bed 2, you will be troubled by the people from the bed 1 and 3 when they climb down or stand up. Lying in the bed 1, you can easily observe the luggage while you will have quiet space if choosing the bed 3.
  • For a luxury coach (a 4-bed room): you should choose bed 1 rather than 2. The location of bed 2 is inconvenient for moving.
Choose a seat on train


  • The station entrance is far from the train coach, so the luggage should be compact and convenient to use.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes.
  • You bring important personal belongings with you and store other belongings on the shelf of the bed 1 or on the compartment of the bed 3.
  • You should be careful about your belongings. The train station is crowded, so the belongings may be stolen.


Wearing pants will help you to keep warm at night. It is also suggested to bring a lightweight jacket with you and a scarf that can be used as a pillow, a cover or a bed sheet.


On the train, there is a canteen offering fast food such as noodles, rice porridge and crisps. At lunch and dinner time, trolleys go along the train coaches to distribute food to passengers. If you have a long trip, please bring fruits, water and tissue paper.
Have a meal on train


At the head of each coach, there is a toilet. You should get up early for personal hygiene before the train arrives. If you don’t want to use water on the train, you can bring a water bottle. You also remember to take loo paper with you when going to the toilet. The information above is some tips on traveling by train in Vietnam. For more Vietnam travel information, please contact us.