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Travel Experience of Bat Trang ceramic village, Hanoi

Travel Experience of Bat Trang ceramic village, Hanoi
UPDATED: 03 Dec 2016 95 Views

For a long time, Hanoi is still famous for many traditional villages. In particular, Bat Trang is one of the villages preferred by domestic and international tourists in the travels in Hanoi.


Just 10 kilometer from Hanoi, you can go to Bat Trang by bus or motorbike.

You get to Long Bien bus station to catch the bus 47 to Bat Trang. It will take you around 30 minutes. The bus will pass through lush green embankments and take you to Bat Trang village. With the ticket price of only 7,000 Vietnam dong, you will be carried to the village gate.

From Hanoi, if moving by motorcycle, you can go through the Chuong Duong bridge, and then turn right and walk along the embankment to come to the village. Anyway, it is suggested that bus is a better choice than a motorcycle because the embankment has a lot of construction trucks. Taking a bus will be safer for you.

Introduction of Bat Trang

Bat Trang village Bat Trang village

Situated on the left bank of the Red River, Bat Trang pottery village belongs to Gia Lam District, 10 kilometers from the center of Hanoi to the southeast. As a traditional village at the edge of town with over 500 years in existence, Bat Trang is also known as the paradise of ceramic objects. The ceramics here is cheap and beautiful, so visitors can buy available products or make themselves pottery as gifts to relatives and friends.

Travel Experiences at Bat Trang village

Eating and drinking

In reality, tourists are encouraged to prepare food to enormously enjoy the journey. There are food stalls near Bat Trang market. Here tourists can eat rice cake (bánh tẻ), cassava cake (bánh sắn), noodles and hot pot. Unlike other tourist attractions, the price for food and many other products in Bat Trang market is quite reasonable.

Fun activities

Discovery of Bat Trang ceramic village, Hanoi

After going off the bus or leaving your motorcycle, travelers ask to rent buffalo cart to visit the village. A buffalo cart can carry 10 people.

Bat Trang village Bat Trang village

Taking a sightseeing tour of the market

Bat Trang village Bat Trang village

Bat Trang market sold all kinds of goods, from high-quality bowls and plates, spectacular fine art objects to products for worship, miniature landscape, souvenirs and cups.

Making pottery

Bat Trang village Bat Trang village

After going for a walk and taking photographs, tourists can play a role as a potter with the fee of only 10,000 Vietnam dong. You can easily see those who provide the service of making pottery. When starting this work, visitors will be given a potter’s wheel and instructed how to shape and create templates. Tourists will have opportunities to expand the scope for creativity. If you would like to take the products of pottery to home, you have to pay additional from 20,000 to 25,000 Vietnam dong.

Van Van House

Van Van House is located at the edge of the village and where more than 400 ancient potteries were on display from the 15th to 19th century. Coming here, visitors can enjoy a cup of tea when watching potteries there.