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Travel tips for Hanoi Vietnam

Travel tips for Hanoi Vietnam
UPDATED: 15 Sep 2017 292 Views
Coming to Vietnam, you should not miss the capital - Hanoi, where you can explore a number of historical and cultural sites and enjoy delicious Hanoi's street foods. This article will provide you with travel tips for Hanoi Vietnam to help you get more experiences in the trip to Hanoi.

Choose a budget accommodation

If wanting to reduce the expense for Hanoi trip, you consider choosing the place to stay. Instead of staying at a luxury resort and hotel, travelers can choose a budget motel and guest house. It is suggested that you should choose a place to stay away from the city center so that you can easily go sightseeing around Hanoi. In addition, if you have friends or relatives here, you can ask them to stay their house in a few days.
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Search for cheap tourist attractions

Hanoi is the city with a long history of thousands of years. Besides, this is home to traditional cultural features and Vietnamese civilization. It is the long history that makes Hanoi become an attractive land of tourism. Coming to Hanoi, visitors can easily find cheap tourist attractions to explore. Famous historical and cultural sites in Hanoi include Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Temple of Literature, Turtle Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, Co Loa Citadel and One Pillar Pagoda. Quite a few tourists feel excited when taking a stroll through the busy Hanoi Old Quarter or the ancient alleyways in the city center. Hanoi is also famous for many traditional villages such as Bat Trang, La Khe, Ngu Xa, Ha Thai and flower villages like Nhat Tan, Quang Ba and Nghi Tam.
Co Lao Citadel
There are many other attractive destinations in Hanoi including Tam Dao, Ba Vi National Park, Dai Lai Lake, Dong Mo Ecotourism Resort, Bao Son Paradise Park, Ao Vua Resort, Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery, Khoang Xanh - Suoi Tien, Ngoc Xanh island and Thien Son Suoi Nga. If having free time, you should explore all these tourist sites to understand more about traditions, cultures and people of Hanoi.

Types of transportation in Hanoi

One of the best ways to save travel money in Hanoi is to use public transport. You can use buses, taxis or cyclos, especially when making a tour around Hanoi Old Quarter. Compared to other vehicles, cyclo is selected by a lot of tourists. With the nearby attractions, you should reach on foot, which is good for health, keep the environment healthy and save money. In addition, the companions during the trip will help you learn more about the land and the people in Hanoi.
Cyclo in Hanoi

Bargain when buying goods

Traveling to Hanoi or anywhere else throughout Vietnam, you need to bargain for everything, from the food at the local market to transportation. Depending on the types of goods, you can negotiate lower prices and do not accept the price given by the sellers at first. The bargain for each item can help you save the expense. One thing to keep in mind is that while haggling, you should maintain the modest and polite attitude accompanied by a smile that may make a good impression on the sellers and make everything go smoothly.
Dong Xuan market
There are a lot of things in Hanoi for you to explore. With just two or three days, you can enjoy so much in Hanoi. Besides, you should consider the travel tips above to get the best enjoyment in Hanoi.