Vietnam travel guide Hoi An

Vietnam travel guide Hoian
Vietnam travel guide Hoian

Hoi An attracts a large number of tourists annually due to the ancient beauty, traditional cultures and the friendliness of local people. To get more knowledge of Hoi An, you can read Vietnam travel guide Hoi An that will help you to arrange a travel plan for the trip to Hoi An.

The appropriate time to visit Hoi An

The climate in Hoi An is divided into two different seasons including rainy and dry seasons. Each season has its own distinctive features. In general, you should choose the following periods for the visit to Hoi An. 

The 14th every month of lunar calendar is extremely wonderful and interesting. This time is close to the full moon day. On this day, all the families in Hoi An ancient town will turn off lights and light lanterns. Therefore, you will see a beautiful and mysterious spectacle. Furthermore, special festivals and performances will certainly not make you disappointed if you decide to visit Hoi An in this period.

Hoian on the 14th every month
Hoian on the 14th every month

February to April is when the weather in Hoi An becomes cool and mild. Thus, it is quite suitable for those who want to come here for the relaxation.

May to July coincides with the end of the dry season in Hoi An, so the weather conditions are ideal for a beach trip and the tour to Cham islands.

Hoian in rainy season
Hoi An in rainy season

October to December is a good choice if you desire to experience the feeling of sailing in Hoi An ancient town. The reason is that this time is the beginning of the rainy season. The whole ancient town is filled with water and people have to travel by boat. However, if you select this time for traveling, your travel plan will be a bit under negative impact by the weather.

It is suggested that you should arrange to choose the best time to visit Hoi An so that you can take great moments during your trip. Besides, you can refer to the article of When is the best time to visit Vietnam.

Transportation to Hoi An

Coach and plane are the two main means of transport take you to Hoi An. If having a flight, you then have to catch a bus, motorbike or taxi to move to Hoi An. If traveling by coach, you can hire a coach of Happy Cafe, The Sinh Tourist or Thien An in Saigon. In Hanoi, you are advised to consider Sinh Tourist or Happy Cafe.

Transportation in Hoi An

You can go sightseeing around Hoi An by taxi, motorcycle, bike, cyclo or on foot. In the evening, you go for a stroll or rent a cyclo to go along Thu Bon River and admire the stunning beauty of Hoi An at night. The best way is walking to visit sites and enjoy street food as well.

Tourist places in Hoi An

Cau pagoda - Tourist places in Hoian
Cau pagoda – Tourist places in Hoi An

You start your tour with exciting destinations within the city. Besides the main site – Hoi An ancient town is there every visit unique places, there are many other attractions such as Hokien Meeting Hall (Kim An pagoda), which lies at 46 Tran Phu Street; Cau pagoda (Japanese Bridge) at the Hoi An center; group of museums including Folklore Museum, Museum of Culture and History, Museum of Trade Ceramics and Museum of Sa Huynh Culture; old houses involving Quan Thang, Tan Ky and Phung Hung and Traditional Art Performance Theater.

Cham islands - Tourist attractions in Hoian
Cham islands – Tourist attractions in Hoi An

If having an occasion to set foot in Hoi An, you should not miss the destinations within a 10-kilometer radius of Hoi An. For example, Cham islands bring the pristine and rustic beauty. Homestay or camping on the island is seen as a good idea. Another must-see site is An Bang beach, which is one of the 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet. Cua Dai Beach is regarded as one of the most poetic beaches in Vietnam with a white sandbank and rows of coconuts. In addition, Hoi An craft villages are the highlight of Hoi An tourism. Popular villages are Kim Bong carpentry village, Thanh Ha pottery village and Tra Que Vegetable Village.

Delicious food in Hoi An

Quang noodles - food in Hoian
Quang noodles – food in Hoi An

Hoi An is famous for typical street foods such as Bánh mì (Bread), High floor (Cao Lau), Mì Quảng (Quang noodles) and chè (Sweet Porridge).

For a cheap food stall for bread, you should choose Madame Khanh bakery (135 Tran Cao Van). If wanting to eat good High Floor, it is recommended that you should go to Ba Be shop in the market in Tran Phu street or 69 Phan Chu Trinh.