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What to buy in Vietnam

What to buy in Vietnam
UPDATED: 02 Mar 2017 73 Views

When foreign tourists travel to Vietnam, they would like to buy the gifts bringing Vietnamese style as souvenirs. Quite a lot of foreigners wonder what kind of products they should buy in Vietnam. You can read the following information to refer to what to buy in Vietnam.

Nón lá (leaf conical hat)

Nón lá (leaf conical hat) Nón lá (leaf conical hat)

Leaf conical hat began to exist in Vietnam in the mid-13th century and has been associated with the Vietnamese people, especially Vietnamese farmers for a long time. In addition to the main function as the shelter from the rain and the sun, this type of hat in combination with the traditional costume such as ao dai and ao ba ba will make Vietnamese women become much more charming.

The color and the style of conical hats are different from region to region. For example, the hat of Tay ethnic people has red color while women in Thanh Hoa use conical hats in the bright white color and conical hats in Hue is thinner than that in Binh Dinh. Conical hat becomes the most beautiful when matching white ao dai. For this reason, the conical hat not only has its common use but also become a symbol of Vietnam.


Vietnamese oil painting Vietnamese oil painting

In the trip to Vietnam, international visitors also often purchase handicrafts as gifts. For example, when visiting the Southwest region, tourists often buy handicrafts made from coconut by the local people. If traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, the products made from wood bringing the symbol of Ben Thanh market or Nha Rong wharf. Meanwhile, travelers in Nha Trang and Vung Tau often buy the goods made from snail and oyster. The handicraft products have been long regarded as a typical souvenir in Vietnam.

In addition, foreign visitors are fond of embroidery, lacquer painting, oil painting, XQ embroidery in Dalat, reproduction painting, rosewood and Bat Trang and Minh Long ceramic. These products often describe the idyllic life of Vietnamese people. That is the reason why they attract foreign tourists who want to learn more about the daily activities of the local people.

Brocade products

Brocade products in Sapa Brocade products in Sapa

Vietnamese culture always draws the attention of tourists. In addition to Kinh people, Vietnam has other ethnic minorities in the highlands, which is one of the reasons attracting international visitors to Vietnam. Foreign tourists choose to buy the products with the regional characteristics. In particular, brocade is one of the gifts preferred by many tourists when visiting Sapa, Da Lat and some mountainous regions in the north.

Brocades are sold in the markets or on the streets or at the souvenir shops. It may take nearly a half of month to produce a brocade product. To finish all the steps for creating a dress, ethnic girls have to spend several months. If making a skirt, they go through a lot of stages. Brocades are entirely embroidered and sewn by hand; therefore, the products have slightly rough stitch and dark color. Besides, the color combination is not as eye-catching as the products created by the machine.

Ao Dai

Vietnam's ao dai Vietnam's ao dai

Ao dai in Vietnam is famous throughout many countries around the world for its design helping to enhance the beauty of Vietnamese women. Many foreign visitors to Vietnam are so excited about ao dai and some of them order to sew the ao dai to bring back their homeland. The famous tourist destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Danang and Hue are home to various clothing shops to provide ao dai for foreign visitors.

Vietnam’s ao dai with a unique design shows the typical beauty and the great charm of the woman. In particular, ao dai is also a symbol of the Vietnamese culture. To own the ao dai, you just come to fabrics shop to choose a type of favorite pattern, then ask the tailor to sew the ao dai by giving her with the particular measurements. Normally, you will not have to wait for a long time to get the Vietnam’s ao dai.

There are quite a few things to do in Vietnam. Besides these typical products, you can bring many other fascinating gifts from Vietnam such as sandpainting, dry food and some regional goods like sugared dry apricot and young rice in Hanoi, sesame candy in Hue, fermented pork in Binh Dinh, Phu Quoc fish sauce, Nha Trang fish sauce and Ben Tre coconut candy.