Anh Minh Co., Ltd.

Anh Minh Co., Ltd.
Anh Minh Co., Ltd.
  • Company nameAnh Minh Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 36 Hai Ba Trung, Thua Thien-Hue, Hue, Vietnam
  • Phone: 54-383-1371
  • Fax: 54-383-1370

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Anh Minh Co., Ltd.

When I go abroad, would not do for a weekend, I often drags on blogs or other websites for finding good small addresses and tips.

My turn therefore to share with you my heart strokes! A brief overview of my Address Book in Amsterdam:

Anh Minh Co., Ltd.
Anh Minh Co., Ltd.

Close to the district of Red Light District, Bakkerswinkel is a great place to take your breakfast in the area without having to go to a coffee shop.

Bakery / pastry shop, where everything is made in the rules of art: scones, pastries, breads and other cakes. It also offers a large choice of tea or why not hot chocolate house …
The place is cozy and warm, a little haven of tranquility with a flea market style decoration in which to relax.
At last, it would even be possible to have brunch there …

This coffee shop is one of my best in Amsterdam for two reasons:
– First, the cakes are really falling: cheesecake with berries, carrot cake, chocolate cake, lemon meringue pie and other desserts …

Anh Minh Co., Ltd.
Anh Minh Co., Ltd.

They are delicious and the range is quite wide, which allows for the choice, besides it is not always the same proposed. Besides FYI, all units are served with a small ramekin of whipped cream decorated with fresh fruit.

– Finally, because just for decoration, this coffee shop is worth a look: kitchissime to wish with cakes, flowers, plastic flamingos, waxed tablecloths with psychedelic motifs, uncoordinated dishes and so on …
In a word: I love it!

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