The beauty of Hanoi in 12 month (part 2)

Mua Dong


August on, the fall also. Decreasing temperature, the weather is cooler. The rain fly moments of the season in the heart of Hanoi as more gentle, more deposition with moments to collect. Somewhere, heady fragrance faintly milk flower, cốm – gifts of food were collected Hanoi sold on street stalls. Hanoi autumn on principal witness, along with the fall in the right light yellow leaves, along with a pair of iron will breeze through the alley autumn.



September magnanimous about the whole nation Hanoi and Vietnam. National Day – 2 Sep, red flag with yellow star covered sky of Hanoi as history reminds us extremely proud of the country.


September, back to school season. Boisterous atmosphere of the opening day of the new school year encompasses the capital city. The baby class 1 was first excited when parents hand in hand to school, have a few little unfamiliar, sobbed when the first ones to leave, step into an unfamiliar environment. The oriental robe, pristine smile of the first day of school girls in Hanoi in September caused more beautiful, more brilliant.

Khai Giang


October is unforgettable mark with Hanoi this month by Capital Liberation Day is 10-10 . This is a chance to Hanoi proud of the heroic beauty , the signs of the glorious capital of thousands of years of civilization, the people of Vietnam the opportunity to admire the familiar images associated with capital – heart of the country.

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum


Referring to Hanoi in November and, if so flawed forgotten flower ” call winter ” – Daisy nightingale. Along with cold winds, daisy nightingale  appeared on the streets of Hanoi signaled the winter again . Needless brightly colored, lovely, little beautiful daisy nightingale clusters, that people still shaken by the pristine beauty, its purity. These cute little daisy nightingale, pure white bunched together, fluttering in the wind has become an indispensable dotted moment of the season of autumn – winter in Hanoi.



Hanoi welcomes 12 new few days , but all the air out of the last five days have been evident in recent days. The weather has completely switch to winter, cold winds made ​​people tremble ever moments alone on the street. Hanoi winter, like early morning dew is stretched , the capital sunk in magic mist misty, shimmering antique.

The cold December day, grilled yam and corn image kitchen fire became acquainted with Hanoi. What could be happy sitting by the fire , inhaling the smell of fragrant baked yam, corn, enjoying the sweet, warm.

Mua Dong

Last month in Hanoi have two beautiful , ancient medium, glitter, magic  and the ordinary, warm, loving . hanoi travel