The beauty of Hanoi in 12 months (Part1)

Tinh Nguyen

Each month, Hanoi brings many emotions to each characterized by beauty breath brought a thousand year old capital.


The end of the month 1/2013 , the air began to prepare the New Year . People started digging interested in price of peach, the price of blueberries. At Nhat Tan peach garden, Tu Lien, Hanoi, cherry blossoms bloom shy. The festival stalls were sold on the streets of Hanoi. The people, the bustling arrange a conversation last year, prepare to welcome the new year. Spring Color brilliant, was celebrated across the capital.

Hoa Dao


Hanoi in Tet deserted than usual. These days, many people leave the exile capital of the country prosperous family reunion. Day usually crowded streets immense time , without people. Ha Noi to put on his gentleness, thoughtfully.



Referring to March is impossible not to mention the International Women’s Day 8/3. Right from the beginning of the month , many flower shops are open on the pavements in Hanoi. Across the flooded city of brightly colored flowers, honor the day of the woman.



Referring to Hanoi in April is mentioned lilies. This flower is also known as the ” flower of April “, by lilies bloom only once every year in April . Still not brilliant , fragrant like many other flowers , but homely white to create a pure beauty for lilies. With Hanoi, lilies longer seen as signs of ” known ” about the summer.



The expression of summer even more pronounced. Hanoi sky scattered fiery red of the flamboyant trees, the sound of cicadas appeared tingle somewhere.

Hoa Phuong


June, a season, a season of separation with her ​​again to his pupil. Schools in unison as the ceremony, white oriental robe flying around the streets of Hanoi. Where tears, choked sobs of students at each transmission line entries.

Hoc Tro


July – hot weather is also decisive moment with the contestants of the University examinations. Quite a number of parents and contestants from the region flock to the capital to take the exam is extremely important.

Tinh Nguyen

On the streets of Hanoi, pictures of young contestants, restlessness, anxiety before entering the University exam – a life-changing milestone become very familiar in July. Going along with the children’s parents with eye contact, gestures full of love and care for their children. (to be continue) hanoi tours