The most exciting tourist destination in Vietnam

The most exciting tourist destination in Vietnam
The most exciting tourist destination in Vietnam

The place to catch the first sunrise


Mui Dien, Tan Phuoc village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen, is regarded as the first land to welcome the dawn.

At sunrise, visitors can feel the rays of the day from any location on this land, but the most popular location is on top of Mui Dien Lighthouse. From on high, visitors can watch the sun slowly dawn on the sea, and the reflection on the water when the sun was up. Larger eye toward the mainland, visitors can see the blur Mon beach in the morning dew.

Hard sand hills “instead of clothes”

Mui Ne
Affected by two mechanisms simultaneously northeast monsoon and southwest to sand dunes of Mui Ne (5 ward, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province) constantly changes the face after a night by winds great. For that reason, this sand hill was ranked about changing the natural shape.

In addition to amaze with the “new shirt”, this place also gives visitors adventurous moments in the game unique sliding sand. To avoid the sun, the appropriate time to explore the sand dunes between 5-6am every day.

Longest cross-sea bridge

Thi Nai

Work starts on May 11/2002 and completed on 12/12/2006, approximately 7km Thi Nai bridge, connecting the city of Qui Nhon with Phuong Mai Peninsula (Nhon Hoi economic zone) is the longest cross-sea bridge in Vietnam.

Seen from Quy Nhon city or Phuong Mai Peninsula, Thi Nai Bridge charming and magnificent water crossing immense. In the afternoon, standing on the bridge could see a Thay Boi tower intermittent into the waves, Bai Nhan cover the green color, Chim hillock (Bird hilllock) flicker stork wings, the void of swallows mingle in the cool breeze brings a feeling of peaceful and quiet. vietam tour