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Paintball is a fun game that gives you numerous skills including team-building, comradeship and self-discipline. Besides, it helps you to practice quick responses and promote the acumen. If possible, you should encourage your friends and relatives to take part in paintball clubs to improve the health and experience useful military skills. Following are famous paintball places in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Warm with Winter Delicacies Moc Chau
Coming plateau winter days, in addition to watching the flowers wealth, wild sunflowers, poinsettias, you may also enjoy some special delicacies Moc Chau to more heartwarming.

Queen of Banh Mi
Foreign visitors have voted "The Banh Mi Queen" among the top-10 food shops in the historic town of Hoi An.

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UK magazine to list 7 Vietnam wonderful festivals

7 most spectacular festivals in Vietnam was listed by The UK's prestigious magazine Wanderlust. Let's explore these 7 festivals. >>UK magazine to list 7 Vietnam wonderful...